How should I play Venom?



So, having just realised I’m never going to be able to infinite reliably, I’ve decided to change my MvC2 team to Venom/Sentinel/Doom. Basically, from what I’ve read, Venom isn’t a combo heavy character, but that’s pretty much all I’ve read. What are the main things I should learn with him, and what are his main combos?

EDIT: Oh, off-chance here, anyone know of any Venom-using pros with videos? :stuck_out_tongue:


venom is a punishing character, he’s used to absolutely kill someone for making a mistake, and he’s good against alot of projectile characters. i don’t know of any pros who use him


I don’t know of any real high level venom play…

I have faced some decent people who use him though… in your case i would suggest calling sent drones then sj. up+back and do fp venom fang… you get solid chip and its fairly safe… obviously not always. if the fang connects… the drones can combo with it and you might get to connect something after.

d,df,f+pp really punishes mistakes pretty well and can be a solid DHC to to something else.

Sent and doom teamed up is a lot of chip dmg, a bunch of bull spammed on the screen, and potentially a little annoying… but the assists serve a very similar purpose. Might be better off bringing some anti air instead of doom…


Played a decent amount of venom last night and wow… he’s got some ok stuff… did like 30 mins in training and then a couple dozen casual matches… so far from really understanding him… but got a few more things for you…

Basic combo to hypers crap…

d, df, f + fk xx d, df, f + PP… timing lil tight but works well… even full screen. Can OTG after in the corner… if your quick.

d, df, f + fk xx d, df, f + kk… timing easier… good to nail both point and assist…

His basic magic series in the air has a bit of an off timing if you want ideal position. Not to fast. Finish wth either venom fang. lp venom fang seem like you wind up in better position to follow up.

In the corner you can do launch, air magic series ending with FK… then OTG lk, s.fp, d, df, f + PP… they fall down real late from the FK so you might be able to pull the OTG as unrollable if you’re quick enough.

This evening I’ll probably look for some throw resets, links, ect…


If you can master the ghetto tri jump, you can play Venom.

Jump, air dash, hit an attack just as you start to swing, and it sends you flying at an angle. Mix this up with an assist and a Venom Fang and it’s chip city.

I’ve been wanting to do a Venom video for years now, but I have no means of recording. There’s so much nasty shit he can do in the corner, but I’m horrible at explaining Marvel via words.


doooooooo it all the venom players would appreciate it very much