How should new fighting games be done?


Finally, years of waiting, we get a new JoJo Fighting Game, I’m hyped because NAMCO is making this game, and I know it will rock, so suggest features this game should have, or any other new upcoming fighting games that will be coming


I’ve made an evaluate base on some company performances. I’m contemplating between arc and NRS.

Had an goal and achieve it respectfully and more so with MK9. Some stuff were sup par or simply great. Only real legit compliant is their handling of their online infrastructure.(primarily the incompatible DLC) (which i think

Produces the only retail product that’s nearly glitch free and shows impressive knowledge about their product. ( sharing director notes and producing video to showcase certain things with explanation.)
*note- it seems arc system following suite with P4 arena …well atlus is doing it for them.

besides their steady production of games, I find every other practice of theirs to be the bad. Capcom is notorious for their lack of business integrity. (SF4/3s OE= false promises, MvC3/ SFxT= incomplete products.)

arc system
So far they’ve been pretty ok with everything, they have one of the most popular online infrastructural and most of their stuff is solid. But I feel their schedule & priorities could be better. They cater to their arcade/native japan market more than their console/international consumer to the point it seems neglecting. Personall I feel for fan longevity, its imperative to honor all consumer with as little distinction as possible (Some products are offer so late to international consumers that it usually obsolete at that time)
[I pity Europe]

I’ll say their tied with arc system except their network is weaker, and some of their products far too polarize. Namco has plethora of fighters but they all have distinction that can be good or bad depending preference. (arcade games like tekken/soul calibure series have great game play but usually lacking in content and their series franchise fighters like Dbz/Naruto are vice verse. )
[What makes me uncomfortable is why they haven’t had these game developers collaborate with one another][/details]
After much consideration, I prefer NRS methods.


Whatever methods brought us ST, 3S and MvC2.


The thing is, I can’t really pinpoint what exactly is different now from back then. Modern Capcom fighters are still filled with glitches, bugs and brokenness as the classic ones.


tournament of legends was the shit

take the four aforementioned games and run them every year at Evo. ST has been the most exciting thing this year by far


ok seriously, and I’m sorry for this, what’s ST?


Get out. Just get out of this forum. lol just kidding, its Super Turbo. C’mon man, you should know that.


new jojo looked like a cyberconnect game. in other words just a button masher with no depth.



Play this instead. I have no hype for the new one after I found out it was being developed by Cyber Connect. Why does Shonen Jump have such a hard on for them?