How Should One Mash During Orb Super?

how should someone mash during the orb super? across all buttons? or just mash light punch?

alternate mash both punches right when you activate ouro ( lp hp lp hp etc). this method, simply put, gets the initial rings to come out faster.

when ouro is on mash either punch for rings; mashing either kick does not throw rings.

hope this helps

There’s 2 methods I use that I find practical.

The alternation method like locdown said allows you throw a wave orb w\o moving fwd which can be beneficial depending on the position.

If you mash orbs with lp+fp, you’ll be able to throw a wave orb and simultaneously dash. pretty good little trick is you need to close space @ the same time you’re throwing a ring.

One leaves you stationary, the other lets you dash+orb.

thanks guys! =)

Yeah thanks for this, I have been doing LP LK. XP

Mashing LP is more manly though.

Man, there is never a clockwork when u need him!!! I would try lp, lk, lp, pause, repeat… If my enemy’s char is on the ground, in the air lp, mp, hp, as they wont fall to the ground cause of the orbs, u know, like a re-jump infinite

The funny thing is that orbs don’t do any chip damage … so once you have them blocking wave dashing and Doom work …best …the closer you are to the corner the faster you will get your orbs back . i thing hist instant overhead and his sweep +doom work great to keep the pressure … u need your normals to build meter so do like lp …lp dash lp lk lp …for me the hardest thing to do is the teleport and we all know why cause every mistake will cost you quite a lot