How should one spend meter with Urien?

Obviously obviously obviously we want to save for the mirror of win. However, after blocking things that leave you out of range or unable to hit a C.Fierce, should you spend the meter on an ex-headbutt / tackle? Or is it simply better to let the moment pass and save for the reflector?

i would argue that it depends on position and character. for example, you have meter but your back is near the corner. the only type of aegis-related pressure you can go directly into is tackle (blocked or not) xx aegis to create space and push them to the other corner. but imo that’s not particularly useful because they have the space behind them to safely retreat away from the aegis. so against an opponent whom you’re unlikely to land a low fierce on who has you (essentially) cornered, ex headbutt might be a good tool to consider to punish dashes, jumps, throws or sloppy offense.

when you’re in the middle of the screen or they’re cornered, the situation is completely different since they have less (or no) space behind them to retreat into. in cases like this, it’s usually better to save for aegis to take advantage of possible knockdowns. this doesn’t mean that ex headbutt is bad though. once you use urien more and you get better at reading your opponents, you can do things that go against theory at your own discretion. plus ex headbutt can be useful for tagging opponents who feel uncomfortable approaching the corner and want to jump over your head to get out.

ex headbutt is the only ex move that urien needs on its own. don’t use ex tackle except in juggles or certain punishes (eg. if you block corkscrew blow and x ex tackle will KO dudley when nothing else will, do it). the other exes should never be used. wish i could use drawings or screenshots to help out more. just try to imagine the value and uses of aegis at different screen positions.

Gaijinblaze covered it. Ex-Headbutt is pretty much it, barring the occasional ex-tackle in a corner juggle.

But the best thing you can do Sphinx is watch some older 3s vids. There are lots of good Urien players but I recommend searching for RX on youtube. You’ll see plenty of visual evidence of when to use EX-Headbutt and what you can follow it with.

There are some particularly good ones of RX vs Fujiwara’s Dudley where you will see some creative and some basic uses of the EX-Headbutt.

Also don’t feel bad if you can’t do the things RX is doing in those matches even in training…I am pretty sure he is Urien in human form speaking directly with his avatar on screen. I.E. 3x tackles, the nonsense mid screen juggles he does to Ken etc.

GaijinBlaze says it all, really. EX-headbutts, don’t be afraid to use them if it can get you a reward either in positioning (really important for Urien) damage or flow. Everything else, meh. With time, you’ll get an idea of how quickly you can build meter. :tup:

im not really a fan of throwing out random ex headbutts. i would recommend using this very rarely. not once a round.

ex headbutt is also much better in certain match ups, vs hugo for example.