How slim can you go for an arcade stick box?

Im in the process of designing a box. I wonder how slim can i go. I dont have the parts with my but wanted to start it.

My stick is a jlf , top button ar osbn-30 and top-side button are osbn-24.

I wanted to build a box 12’‘x9’’ , height would be 1 1/2’’ in the front and 2’’ inch in the back. But im wondering if i will have enough space for the joystick, button and side button.

thanks for any inputs!

It’s going to be a tight fit, but in theory you should be able to make that work, if your pcb is small. If it’s your first stick, I don’t know if I’d recommend trying for something that thin, maybe do a 2.5" back and 2" front for a bit more room inside.

its a cthulhu PCB.

Cthulhu is pretty damn small.

i really want the low profile look. Maybe 1 3/4’’ front and 2 1/4’’ back

anyone ever done that?

The Cthulhu is definitely small. All I can say is give it a try, 2" and 1.5" should work, but you need to be prepared to take your time with it, as smaller installs always seem to be harder than the larger ones. You need around 1.5" of clearance from the mounting plate of a JLF to the bottom, for the shaft, which should just barely fit in a 2" case.

thanks for your input… i wanted that Nes advantage look to bring back memories!

This is about as thin as you can get…

I’d like to know the height for that. Imitrex’s cases are mad slim when I bought one from him. He makes really slim cases out of exotic wood. For a starter, his cases are easy to work with. Just hook up a Jlf, some buttons , and your pcb and you’re good to go!

Not to mention the panel is 14 gauge steel, which is a must for a box this slim (meaning you want thin[no more than 1/4"] but sturdy).

The SFIV stick I just finished is 1.5" in the front and about 2.25" at the back (from the outside). That was with a Madcatz PCB in it too.

Depending on the thickness of wood you use, you might be able to slim it down 1/4" all around as there shouldn’t be any issues with clearance of buttons or stick.

Well, I plan to have my cases to have a low height all around and the lowest I’ve gotten to with my lexan cases is 2 inches.

Check out this webpage:

There is a data table for joysticks a little over a quarter of the way down.
"Plate To Base is the distance from the top of the mounting plate to the bottom of the joystick (ie the bottom of the shaft)"
Also note the S-Plate column if that applies to you.
Remember to add and subtract the appropriate values as needed for the thickness of your control panel itself, depending on whether or not the stick is top-mounted, bottom-mounted, and laid flat or recessed or whatever.

There is also a data table for pushbuttons a little over a three quarters of the way down.
"Depth is the distance from the bottom of the rim (ie the top of the panel) to the bottom of the button; note that Sanwa and Seimitsu switches can be bent to trim the depth up to 7mm"
Basically, this number minus the total thickness of your control panel gives how far underneath the buttons will stick down.

Depending on your your arcade stick is assembled, remember that you may also need to take into account the thickess of the actual top and/or bottom as well.

For what it’s worth, as long as the empty space inside the case is deep enough for all your parts, it should already be more than deep enough for pretty well any boards or wiring you do in there.

Hope that helps. :smile:

the frame is a hair under 1 1/2 inches

I cut it real close… and thats with modifying the jlf, restrictor plate, buttons and pcb.

arr4ws, I think there’s a certain seimitsu stick which is smallest of the bunch giving decent results without having to mod your stick (replace shaft, grind plastic tabs down etc).