How small is the SF5 community?


I am starting to see the same people in Battle Lounges. Is it just that only a few people know about/care about Battle Lounges… or is the community so small that you’re going to get to know people the more you play? What gives?


Not as big as CoD.


Define small commuity. Because by fighting game standards it has arguably the largest commuity. By Call of Duty or Moba standards. yeah it’s small.


Well like I said is it so small you are going to get to know the people who play regularly? Like you said in COD… it was different people constantly. For example, a few weeks ago I played a guy in SF5 on a random ranked match. I made a friend in a Shory thread and added him to my Steam list. We just played a FT5 set today and he was the guy I’d played a few weeks ago. (I won the set btw… Go Birdie!) I just wish there was a larger pool of players to play against. So many noobs don’t want to put in the effort to get better, and also some vets scare noobs off by being dicks to them when they are not good (I’m a noob but make an effort). The community should want more gamers playing fighting games because it makes companies like Capcom wanna stay in the genre.


Well yeah the community is small in the sense you will see the same players from time to time. It ain’t COD man. There’s not 500K+ people playing. And of course we want more people playing. What makes you think we don’t? And from here on out this is just me speaking my opinion so think of it what you will it ain’t fact. But the fighter genre is just one of those genre’s that just isn’t casual friendly. We try to be, but this is a competitive genre and some people just don’t like competition. They don’t want to get stomped, or lose and have to learn from losing.

Where as in COD or similar games it is competitive in its own right. But due to the nature of it. One can just jump in and do a lil something without really knowing much. They can get a few kills here’n’there via camping, have teammates carry them, cap a flag, take down score streaks etc. Where as with fighters. There’s no teammates to bail you out, there’s no hiding in a corner and tossing out a hadoken at someone who rushes by. There’s no objective to play. Ya are constantly on screen at all times seeing each other and unable to retreat or get help from a teammate. This kind of in your face win or lose no in between type of competition is off putting for some people.

Like if you lost in a game of COD. you could say "Hey at least I caped a few flags, or defused a bomb. Took down that score streak that was hurting the team. Got some kills etc. This keeps people motivated and feeling lie they can get better. In fighting games there’s none of that. you either won or you lost. Point blank. There’s no “Hey you managed to do this or that” You just lost. So for those new players who keep taking Ls. That’s discouraging for them. Maybe games can include a feature that gives you a breakdown of a match and tells you what you did during the match like in Black Ops 2. Like you did x amount of anti airs, or got hit with a amount of jump ins. Which would tell you, your anyi air game is on point or you need to work on it.


I agree with you on that. A lot of people don’t want to put the work in to get better at the game or learn to use and arcade stick, etc. But for me losing isn’t all that bad. For one I have a reward I do when I lose (Lift weights) and also I look at the bright side of the loss. Did I get off that combo I’ve been practicing at least once? I agree with you about the stats screen that would be nice. Showing anti-airs, combos landed, max combo hit and stuff like that. I think the fighting game community is growing. I actually watched a Mortal Kombat tournament on a cable TV station a month or so back. Hopefully it will continue to grow and we’ll get new blood going forward.


I mean people also go with their friends are playing. It’s hard for a genre to become more popular than another simply for popularity sake.

Also people want competition but they don’t want to have to study their video game. The fighting genre has also never been good at actually being intuitive or well explained for it to make sense to non fg players. Hell even people here on srk struggle with understanding them.

The fg genre needs reinvention if it were to try to be popular. it’d have to appeal to lowest common denominator. which is obviously what fg players don’t want


If only more new players had your attitude.


The thing is. One has yet to create a competitive fighter than can appeal to the lowest common denomenator while still being competitively viable. I think the closest to achieving this is the Smash series.


I can personally vouch for something like this. My biggest flaw in SF is my black and white mentality (is this the right term? IDK). It’s not even something I can help, for me: if I lost then I suck ass and did nothing right and never will, Ironically it doesn’t hold true vice versa, and I’m kinda neutral to a win. But what hits home is the thing about a stat screen, I’m not that smart of a guy when it comes to fighters, when I lose: I have no idea what I did wrong. Watching replays never helps me. And I’m the sort of guy who gets pissed off when he can’t determine why something happened. A post game stat screen, like the Black Ops 2 one you mentioned, would be great.


Online community is small because sales are terrible for the game, but the offline community is bigger because there are a large amount of people who go to casuals and tournaments who do not own the game


compared to games like CoD or HS it’s very small


i dont play online a whole hell of alot, probably about 10 or so hours a week, and i havent played the same player twice, unless i go out of my way to


Really? There are large amount of people who go to casuals and tournaments do not own the game? I’ve met one person who goes to casuals (in my area) who doesn’t own the game…and he sucks.


depends which region you are in as well


I’ve not met twice the same person in a while either in battle lounge or in matchmaking unless I played at times when people in my region are usually either working or sleeping. As a comparison, on day 2 of the release of UNIEL on PC I fought the same guy 5 times in a row.


How big is your scene?


SFV has between 1000 - 3000 players online at the same time ON STEAM ONLY. If you add the players on PS4 you can likely double or even triple that number (maybe more, hard to tell).
if you compare to really popular games:
CS:GO - around 400.000 players
DOTA 2 - 800k - 1 million


10 to 20 people.