How stable is the TE stick?

hi there

i asked this question in different threads but didnt get an answer so I open up a new one. Are there some known issues with the TE stick? Is it a longlasting item?

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mines working fine… seems stable to me so far

I got mine recently and had it lock up once. I unplugged it and then plugged it back in and it was fine. I saw a couple others that posted they experienced something similar in the fight stick thread.

Hardware wise (Xbox 360 TE), everything has been perfect, but the plastic overlay gets scratched way too easily – replacing it with plexi and custom artwork.

its built like a tank, have 2 of them since launch and there A*, cover art because they are plexi and the cover is a dark red/black scratxh’s can be visable, but i aint complaining.

i would definatly buy another 2 if they got stolen, there a perfect weight and the button layout is just right for me.

Mine had a dead PCB, took Madcatz 1 month to replace it. The repaired one works, but just yesterday my Roundhouse stopped working suddenly and I had to replug into the console so it would register again. 360 version.