How stiff is Seimitsu buttons and stick?

Trying to decide between Sanwa or Seimitsu

I kinda like resting my fingers on buttons when I play cause I grew up playing on American happ buttons. But at the same time I don’t want any stiff buttons or anything like that.

If you want to rest your fingers on the button tops, you can’t use Sanwas since they’re too soft. I was in the same boat.

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I would check out cherry mx buttons @ paradise arcade shop. They have different microswitches that are color codes for different applications. I have the clear mx cherry switches and there a tactical bump (no click noise) they also rate each switch @ how much pressure it takes to activate the button. U can find yourself some nice stiff buttons but not too stiff. In your case u may want to check out the blue cherry mx buttons or brown ones. They drop in place in any obsf or obsc 30mm rims. The brown “I believe” are the stiffist ones. All is explained in the detail section.

I was in the same boat. You may like the Hori Kuro buttons, they’re a bit stiffer than sanwa.

Since you open this thread up. I was wondering if the translucent buttons will light up with the Mad Catz Te2 LED Board. I order a set of semitsu buttons with out inquiring. Anyone?

Semitsus in general are much tighter, and they make even tighter semitsus. I like the LS 32 (has about a medium spring), LS 38 (hard spring LS32) and the LS62 (very tight, virtually 0 dead zone). I greatly prefer semitsu to sanwa. There is also the LS56 which I hear is between the 32 and the 62, but I haven’t used one. My favorite at this point is probably the LS62.

And ur thoughts on Seimitsu Buttons? on focus attack is where I am buying from

Sanwa buttons take approx 65 grams to press. ($1.30)
Seimitsu PS-14-KN and PS-14-GN buttons take I think 85 grams ($1.70)

I used the ripster method to test using a common but easily found weight, the US 5 cents Nickle.
According to the US Mint a Nickle is exactly 5.000 grams.

For those who are not familiar with grams, there 28.3495 grams in 1 ounce.

If anyone asking about game finger or OSB-MX buttons, refer to what switch is inside, the values for the Cherry MX switches are already known.

Seimitsu buttons due to feel and because I rest my fingers on the buttons. Switched from sanwa to seimitsu stick/buttons early in the game. I’d recommend using the ls32 if your going seimitsu joystick. Great all around stick and still good for 3d fighters like tekken/sc compared to some of the other seimitsu models.
My seimitsu preference is
Ls38 > ls32 > ls56 > ls40 > the rest

I tested Kuros with the Nickle method Darksakul mentioned above and Sanwa OSBF 30’s, Hori Kuro and Hori Hayabusa are all the same.

You can test it yourself, a Nickle is 5 grams so stack nickles till the button is fully pressed. Then count up the results.

I’d be interested in testing Seimitsu but I don’t have any and not sure what are the most popular model that everyone likes to use for that brand.

I believe they all use the same switch
Ps14-gn is the most common one used. But there is alot old school love for the ps14-gs.

There is a few that used the same size and style switches as the Sanwa buttons. They are slightly stiffer than Sanwa buttons but weaker than the larger switch Seimitsu buttons.

Thanks guys so yeah I am looking for something that I could lightly rest my fingers on and not activate but at the same time having softness very similar to sanwa. Seems like Seimitsu is the way to go.

The Qanba Q1 actually comes with Sanwa Switches for the stick so I won’t be changing the stick in that. Just a bubble top to make it look nice if it can accept it or would probably change the buttons cause I heard the Q1 buttons are kind stiff.