How the flipping duck do I do those damn links?!?!

I might be using the wrong name. It’s when you try to do a low punch to another low punch or something like that. And in SSF4, I had some problems, but not as much as I am having here. If I remember correctly, I could do… over half the trials in SSF4, and I can’t get passed 9 in any character in this game. Did they make it harder to link/chain or something?

For example, one combo If I remember correctly was Lc kick Lc Punch Mc Kick, into Shoryken for Sakura. I pressed the attacks as fast as I can, and I see the buttons being registered as being pressed, but She just does Lc Kick and Mc Kick, it’s like the character didn’t want to do the Lc punch.

Hope that example makes sense.

clears up a bit, i think:)

In your example it’s a link youre missing, you are pressing the punch too early. you have to wait for the recovery-frames on the kick to end, before pressing punch. That is, if you remember the example correctly because i havent touched Sakura yet:)

If the combo ends in an ex-special move you might have to use chains.

There are gaps between lk, lp, and mk. You need to break the combo into chunks and learn the timing. (gap) cr.lp (gap) (cancel) shouoken.
Keep practicing and don’t make new threads for this kind of question; there are several newbie/dojo threads for this kind of question.

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Just found a video and yeah, that is the right combo.

So I have to do it during the recovery frames. I guess the only way to do that is trial and error, or look online. Personally I wished games showed you the speed of button pressing as an example. That has been a problem for me in a few games, but moreso in this game. Sometimes I can get the links to work, but then I am surprised that it worked that I mess up the end sometimes. This frustrates me and has me mess up the start again, haha. I get really annoyed when a trial is just linking 2 Punches, and when I can’t even do that… well, ya. I just feel they made it harder in this game to do these then in SSF4, but maybe I am just speaking out of frustration.

I apologize for not using the Newbe part. Didn’t notice it after making this thread, derp.

Anyway, I guess my trouble is getting that timing down for this game. It just seems… harder then in other ones?

No, after that, also what Chaos said. Breaking down the combo and practice the timing.

Ah, my bad. And I guess all I could do is keep practicing. I just was having difficulty why this game was giving me more trouble then other games, and it was really bothering me. Breaking down a combo helps me in other games, I just got to do it here as well.

I’m just glad Sakura doesn’t have any charge moves… I LOATH charge moves, and can never do them right.

I do kinda wish in trial mode the link would light up or something during the frames you can link to the next part.

A tip to keep in mind is when you’re trying to feel out the rhythm. If the move doesn’t come out at all you need to wait a little longer. If the opponent blocks it you need to do it sooner.

If the next move doesn’t come out, you did it too early, if it did but didn’t combo, you did it too late.

Armed with this it’s nothing more than dumb time grinding muscle memory in training mode (exciting).

How very exciting… but necessary if I want to be halfway decent in this game

I would love if they had something like that. It would really help people get the rhythm memorized.

Now, will doing this on a controller over a fight stick make this harder to do? Part of my is wondering if it’s the PS3 Controller’s fault a bit…

I heard that links are actually harder to do in this game than it is in SSF4. I’m a Cammy player for example, she needs links to do her damage and so far she seems tougher to play with than in SSF4. I don’t know if it’s because Capcom changed her frame data for her normals(I already know about her specials), but granted I understand this has newer mechanics; however I’m reluctant to abuse ABC combos and strings because their damage ain’t shit and plus you get punished severely if you mess up. I haven’t tried comparing the frame data between SSF4 and SFXT even though I got the Brady Guide, maybe I’ll check it out.

tl;dr - They’re not hard to do if you have a good grasp on links from SSF4, but I believe they are harder to do in this game.

Links are definitely harder in AE than in SFxT. I can do rufus’ cs.LK>cs.HP link 9/10 times in SFxT while I can only do it 6/10 times in AE.

Personally I would argue Fight Sticks help ever so slightly due to their button presses giving an audible click which essentially gives you extra information on the timing of your button presses just like how listening to the ingame sound helps you.
When I am practicing 1 frame links I try to do three things:
-Grind just trying to get the timing down
-Grind with sound off and just focusing on my character animation looking for visual cues and trying to work off of them if there are any.
-Grind with my eyes closed and stage music off but sound effects on, trying to listen to the sound of my characters attacks and keyboard clicks. (This seems to be the easiest at times as the rhythim sticks in your head.

Practice, practice, and more practice. /wiseman

What’s a good pair of characters to even start with? Just things that get me associated with the pure basics? I have been trying hard to find some sort of angle to come at this game and look at it separately, but I’m having a hard time doing so and I’m getting clobbered for it. I haven’t won a match since I got this game two days ago and it’s super frustrating. I like to consider myself fairly average at SSF4AE and MvC3, but this…I have no flippin idea how to approach it in terms of character links, that’s my worst part.

I think Kazuya and Nina are a decent pair to start with, Nina’s kicks link pretty nicely and you can easily push the opponent back when you switch Kaz in after a launcher. LP c.MK then do his hadoken-type thing.

I am not an expert player, but I would advise to try out Hwoarang. His combos are not too difficult and he has like 3 overheads. If your opponent is crouching and blocking (Like many beginners in Ranked do), then the St. MP, LP combo plows through their defense, since it ends with an overhead and you can continue a combo afterwards. Also his F,D,DF+Punch move goes through fireballs, which helped me a lot. Also, if you catch the enemy with the st. MP, MP combo, you can cancel with a Super/Cross Art. Don’t want to brag, but I finally got to C Rank with Juri/Hwo team after dropping to 0BP numerous times. For some reason the team clicked with me.

Cody and start whoring out x hit-confirms like you’re going back in the slammer if you don’t.

Hah, funny you should say that. I main Cody in SSF4, I’m actually having some minor issues adjusting due to the pace…but I’ll get it eventually, I just need to stop comparing the two.

Newbie thread.

Rules thread.

hey vlad what console you play on? I could show u some cool stuff with hwoarang if u don’t know them… like how u can link after his target combo and how u can combo the flamingo stance mid-string… and i agree you should try out hwoarang. But if u want an even easier character w/ high low mix-ups and considering everything he has is safe (except parry ) main Heihachi lol