how the fu**

ok wtf - does anybody use cr.rh, rh to… b+strong,fierce to dragon motion short!!! I can totally NOT get this down consistantly, do you have to walk forward a bit before the b+strong/fierce part or what (seems to work a bit for me doing it that way)? And i know it knocks down and all, but is it really better than finishing with super jump fierce to f+forward?

any help would be appreciated…

the b.sp xx s.fp only works on some of the small characters. like on sean, the twins, and ibuki. i think it also work on some of the big characters but i think all it will do is reset. not sure

Yep, sometimes yo need towalk a bit forward to connect b.Strong, s.Fierce XX dp+k (forgot the move name :P)
Against some characters you’ll be in perfect position to perform the Combo (Q comes to my mind).

Just practice and you’ll get it down sooner than you think :wink: