How the fuck do i get out of crossup blockstun

This shitty game is pissing me off like nothing else on the world

the fuck ive been smashing lp+lk like 100times per frame and Im still getting fucking grabbed after a crossup jump in !!!

arrrrtg wtf is this???’

Don’t allow them to jump at you. You have 3 srk’s, a command air normal that they should fear when you have ultra, c.hp, and the flowchart favorite…jump back roundhouse. Oh you also have awesome fireballs and standing roundhouse. They shouldn’t be near you, you’re Ryu, like the brick house of the game, your job is too keep opponents outside of your range. If worse comes to shove and they cross you up, mash srk if you know they are gonna grab, next time they’ll probably block which allows you to throw them. Probably the easiest solution.

There is a timing to Teching.
If you mash, you will get Thrown.

When they jump in cross up make sure you are not trying to attack or do anything before you try to counter throw to get out of the throw… otherwise you won’t counter throw. Just block the attack then spam throw.

tech late

if you’re mashing then you’re going to be doing a move the instant you’re out of blockstun
If you get grabbed during the startup of a move then their grab is untechable. You’re getting grabbed during the startup of your grab (or if you’re crouch teching like you probably should be), so stop mashing :]

If SFIV is driving you mad and you think it’s a shitty game stop making yourself suffer and stop playing. There isn’t a gun to your head forcing you to play.

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If you grab early you could whiff and end up getting grabbed. I hate how grabs beat out every moves and special unless its exed.

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I laughed at that too. EvilNando, AA is your friend…

i recommend you , that after the cross up, when u block it, as he lands hold Back to block and press lp+lk for every poke he does.
That way, if he want to do a combo, you will block
And if he wants to do a Tick Throw, you will tech
Just time correctly the grab while holding back for every hit he does, sometimes they do 1 jab + grab, sometimes 2 jabs + grab, u never know… so

Opp crosses up, as he lands, you <-- LP+LK , he does a jab, again, <-- LP+LK, another jab again <-- LP+LK, here comes the grab, teaches

Never walk foward while doing a grab, always hold back.

try dashing back, and if his throw attempt whiffs, then trip him, etc.

If you can mash 2 buttons 6000 times a second then you should prolly drop SF4 and start playing competitive Track&Field.

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You should always name the game you want answers about in the first post.

timing?? LOL i mash with about a 95% success rate?

That’s a pretty clear indicator that you play about 95% online :wink: .

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