How the fuck do I stand up>?

Not one reversible, hit out of every fucking EX move I have.

RYU unblockable punishes the moment I get up

no teleport no charge no fucking nothing, bison sucks

Block and tech throws.

You need to be able to block to play Bison. You need to block a lot. But don’t forget that using V-Reversal isn’t a bad option to get the opponent off you, you don’t need V-Trigger to win most matches.

This guys been trolling the sub forums everywhere.

I wish bison had a wake up super. Jumpers are annoying especially when you get caught trying to tech grabs.

Someone relied too much on EX Psycho on wake in USF4 i see lol.

His CA has invincibility and a hitbox perfect for tagging neutral jumpers.

Yeah ‘Block’ isn’t good enough

Im in the same boat at the original poster. This game is a lot different than sf4. Every thing I do is just getting stuffed. Blocking, throw tech and v-reversal are truly the only options?

There is also CA and you can sometimes try to jump out if you’d rather risk being jump reset by a normal than locked in a block stun on wake up but I would not recommend it, it loses to CC normals as you’re being knocked down again.

Play footsies, avoid being knocked down. People should respect Bison’s normals.

roll back before it matters.