How the fuck do people not realize that the taunt button is gone?


i keep trying to taunt and it just brings up the video share option how in fuck’s name do u taunt in the ps4 version of umvc3? im honestly thinking of goin back to the ps3 version which feels a lot smoother


Dude, seriously?


please answer the question


You seriously want to go back to a competitively inferior port of the game, just because the stick you may have purchased doesn’t have a touchpad button/select?


im using a SF5 chun li limited edition TE stick its very up to date… and definitely has a select option…


exactly why i hate this fuckin site now. yall niggas know how to do all but answer a goddamn question


use the touchpad


there is no touch pad on arcade stick theres only a select and start


The newer ones have a touchpad button.