How the golly-gee willikers do I punish this dude?



Adon has got to be my worst matchup. I can always block his jaguar kicks or whatever, but his recovery time is so fast that I can never punish him. It’s driving me absolutely nuts. Every time I see I’m about to go against Adon, I instantly want to commit sudoku. What do?


Unless you’re playing a grappler character or have ultra/super stocked as a select few characters, you cannot punish Jaguar Kick. Hit Adon out of Jaguar Kick if you really don’t want to deal with blocking the move.


That’s what I was afraid of. I’ve tried to dp him out of it, and it works… but not without a damage trade.


Jaguar kick recovery , fast , hum really , 21 frames on average doesn’t seem fast …

Tell us who you play and we could help you.

Against jaguar kick , well space neutral jump and Adon is dead.
Footsie game to make wiff his jaguar kick , light or medium version distance , and if you have a good back dash you can punish high version.
Beat it at its start-up with a hp or hk , depend the character you play.

But sometime , just block is the best choice.


Note the “well-spaced” part- especially if you play someone with a floaty jump. NJ definitely is the best response though, most Adons will stop using JT real quick once they eat a jumping attack into full punish.