How the heck are players able to consistently pull off this Dudley combo?

The HK x EX Machine Gun Blow -> Light Machine Gun Blow -> Medium Ducking Uppercut (I’m assuming it’s the medium one).

Seems to be a basic bread and butter combo. Why is it so hard to get the last two moves? I often drop the Light MGB even before I get to the ducking uppercut, which I often drop as well. Is there something I’m missing? Should I be double tapping?

Which character are you testing it on?

Primarily Akuma, but any of the shotos really.

Okay, I’m somewhat tipsy and I can’t sleep, so I decided to test it a bit. Short answer: yeah, it’s fairly tight. Try inputting both moves a bit earlier than you’d think you’d be able to, that’s the only tip I’ve got.

s.HK - EX MGB - MK ducking upper (xx super) is still a respectable combo though. Not optimal, but it works just fine and hits every character iirc. If you’re trying to learn Duds that might be where you’d want to start, and then add in the LP MGB once you’re more comfortable with the character, as I think there’s more important things to practice with Dudley in the beginning.

Thanks, that second part helps. Yes, I am learning Dudley. I just want to get down some execution practice in training mode before I hop into matches. Anything else I should practice or keep in mind?

The two big things you really want are c.LK > c.LK xx super, and linking overheads (both UOH and f.HK) into super. The first one of these is fairly simple and just takes a bit of practice. f.HK - super only combos if it hits a crouching opponent (iirc, I might be wrong on this), and UOH into super requires you to hit at a far spacing (a spacing you can easily set up if they block c.LK > c.LK actually).

There are a couple of other useful confirms (s.MP / c.MP xx ducking xx super, f.MK - super) that might be useful, and he has a plethora of optimized juggles if you want to spend time in the lab, but I suggest starting with comboing lows and overheads into super. Being able to blow people up with damaging high-low-mixups is one of Dudleys main strengths, so you want to be able to capitalize in those situations.