How The Heck Do You Use Chargeable Characters?


Since SF2 I’ve struggled with playing well with characters with chargeable special moves.

Yesterday, I got SFV, and beat the Normal Survival Mode with Ryu and Ken without too much trouble.

I then decided to try Chun Li (did demonstrations, trials, training, character story, easy survival, then normal survival), and I really struggled in the Normal Survival Mode. Tried twice and couldn’t get past level 27 Zangief, and I barely had any points from all of the health supplements I needed to buy.

Now, I’m going to watch some Chun Li tutorial videos and try to understand her better, but just as a general question…

What are some pretty generic strategies that can be used to gain the upper hand with chargeable characters?



Well, the problem a lot of people have with charge characters is that they’re always charging, and therefore not positioning themselves or responding to their opponent’s movement. It’s very obvious with a character like Guile since new players will just sit there at down-back, allowing their opponent to dictate the flow of the match.

The general rule with charge characters is that they tend to have very good normals to make up for the fact that they can’t use their special moves on-demand. One needs to be able to move and then immediately switch to charging when doing something like a hit-confirm or during a jump.


You can cheese the AI. With Chun, try just spamming st.HP. It has amazing range and the computer just blocks randomly and doesn’t punish, so you get a lot of damage that way. When the CPU jumps, you can just tap st.LK to anti-air most of the time. But usually when the computer jumps it’s because you’re throwing a fireball or doing a low attack.


Thanks @AirLancer, that definitely helps me out a lot.

I do exactly how you described beginners when they play Guile. I am always charging and am letting the opponent walk around freely to discrete the flow and spacing.

I guess I need to be better my normal game, so I’m not so reliant on specials, and feel the need to always charge.

I’ll also look at some combo videos to try and get a better feel for charging as I’m in the air and such.


Thanks @Evolution169! That will help as well.

I don’t necessarily want to rely on cheesing the AI (I would like to have a decent all-around strategy), but it won’t hurt to get some quick Fight Money.

I did mostly spam Hadokens with Ryu and Ken because the AI was so susceptible to it, but I’m also more comfortable playing with motion characters, so I didn’t feel like I was relying on it, just doing it to get through the Survivals as quickly/easily as possible.

It seems like I just need help with my normal game though, all around. I think charge characters will be good to help me improve that.

Thanks guys.


Uze Ibuki.


Every fighting game, except Marvel 2 I use charge characters.
The key is always to figure out how to charge and control your movement at once.
Guile tends to have moves like his knee and step kick that will move him forward while he’s walking backwards.
Chun and Guile both have diagonals that allow you to charge down while doing a high attack as well, depending on the game. Guile’s example is DF+HK, which lets you charge flash kick.
Blanka in most games that he’s in allows you to charge down while you have freedom to hop forward and backwards.
In Guilty Gear, Venom can dash foward and charge DF for carcass raid, so it applies across multiple games as well.

Don’t forget things like how Balrog can charge back while he’s doing a headbutt which moves him forward as well.

There’s almost always ways you can stack your charges and control your spacing at the same time.

IN some games you also must utilize what’s called hit-stop.

So for Guile in SFV, you can do a MP or HP and immidiately hit Down. Once the attack connects, there’s a slight pause while you’re still gaining charge, so you can do a s.HP XX flash kick in that time.

There’s a variety of different ways to manipulate charges.

Oh, don’t forget things like how Chun and Guile both recovery rather quick from their fireballs, so you walk back and throw one, walk right behind it, do a combo, utilize hitstop and you can build your charges up in there as well.


Leo Whitefang is definitely a beginner’s charge character. He has a lot of strong attacks with plenty of frames to buffer from during attacks. Not only this, but his moves include a Guard Point along with a Trap/parry stance that can repel attacks. He does high damage easily as well.


^ Pretty sure he’s just talking about SF. You might confuse him with all that mumbo jumbo.


I play Guilty Gear main these days and he confused the shit outta me with all that mumbo jumbo.


You guys and your SF mumbo jumbo. :smiley: