How the hell do people pull decent combos off in this lag

I can pull Magnetos B&B combo off 9/10 offline, both in training mode and against a live opponent. However, I’m finding it near impossible to do online because of lag.

How do you guys manage to cope with this lag and pull off decent combos? Oh and have capcom announced any plans to fix the online yet?

They mash.

The game doesnt lag too much for me, the only time I notice the lag is for partner assists and switch outs.

Muscle memory.

practice your combos in training mode under simulated lag.

its funny how they even put lag simulation in training mode, capcom knew their netcode was gonna suck since the beginning :rofl:

I was thinking the exact same thing last night, I was struggling to land a simple A, B, C magic series yet I was being OTG’d into some quite intricate combos. I guess I just suck or am more sensitive to the lag. I do seem to be quite visually keyed into my combo execution instead of using pure muscle memory.

no lag here…
most ppl use simple mode so they mash 1 button for imba combos

I have not seen simple mode online since like release day.

how do u know

I don’t think you can use Simple Mode online at all, even in Lobby/Player matches.

u can select between both… o.O
just turn on in the options

you can’t really go for Mags loop or flight combos online, just have to settle for the norm basic ones. I mean sometimes u can land em but you’re not gonna land em as often as you do offline it’s just not possible. I love playing Mag but just recently switched from him because of this reason.

It’s just memory, unless if it’s something like a 1 frame piece of combo then your bound to fail most of the time. On average the combos seem easy enough to pull off if you remember it all. For the most part you’ll probably mess up when you have to either speed up or slow down in the air.

Yeah if you wanna do hard combos in this game i suggest playing offline. Ive said it once ill say it again.
This game sucks online, like alot.

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