How the hell do some people mash uppercut when I do

How can some people mash uppercuts when I do shorts?
Seth Killian said that it shouldnt be possible
wtf is this?

Perhaps your character can’t chain shorts into each other, or perhaps you’re not doing it correctly., isn’t an airtight blockstring for a lot of characters (i.e. if c.LK doesn’t chain), and can be mashed out of. If you’re getting mashed out of a combo on-hit, then you’re dropping the link.

You’re not linking the lk’s properly thus its not connecting and doesn’t combo so you get an uppercut to the face.

If the first cr.LK hits, and they mash out, you missed the link.

If the first cr.LK gets blocked, and they mashed out, you’re either not doing it fast enough or cr.LK > cr.LK for your chosen character isn’t a true blockstring. Blockstun recovers faster than Hitstun, so you need to be even tighter with your hits, lest you leave a mash-window for your opponent.

If you’re using Bison, use cr. LP’s instead.

Which character are you using? We could just look at the frame data and let you know for sure.


Daigo says,

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If you’re not linking correctly or your chara can’t link shorts, then it has a gap of enough frames for someone to mash out an SRK.

No Idea man, can’t help you there.

they’re not comboing. if you mean on block then…

you can’t “link” block strings in this game because of the short block stun time. plus, since there’s autoblock in this game, they can mash forward inputs and buttons without stopping their block animation. you have to chain your normals or else their srk’s will come out automatically. if someone keeps doing them then keep in mind to do one or two and BLOCK! they will be open to punishment on their way down. do this to opponents who abuse autoblock so they’ll be scared to mash so much.

Welcome to SF4.

I suspect this is a joke post. For reasons that I actually agree on though. :stuck_out_tongue: