How the hell do you beat Ryu?


Talking about SFV. Playing against Ryu makes me want to hang myself (not literally), I always have to fight the urge to just alt+f4 the moment I see that I’m against one. I have no idea what the fuck to do. I play Vega and Karin

Edit: added mains to help clarify


What specific problems do you have against him? It’s really hard to help you if we don’t know what you’re struggling with.


Nothing really specific. I can’t get around his fireballs, don’t know how to punish tatsu (or any of his moves in general)


It’s probably a lot of things you need to work on then.
I suggest uploading a couple of losses against Ryu players so that it’s possible to see where the problems lie.

As for the tatsu: stand block it, then punish with whatever you want. If you’re messing up the timing, spend a couple of minutes in training mode to figure it out.


I’ll drop some replay codes when I get home, not at home currently


For the fireballs it’s just walking and blocking or neutral jump then walk. Neutral jump as the advantage of no chip obviously but also only one fireball is allowed on the screen at any time, so while the fireball is behind you he can’t throw one any more.

Do not jump at him when you react to fireballs, he will have time to dp. You can jump at him if you feel like you have a read and you know he will throw one, then he will eat the jump.

When he is in vtrigger do not jump at him at all it’s better this way. Against the low level Ryus in vtrigger I guess you can bet a bit more on them using their fireballs because they might kinda feel like they have to.

For the tatsus yes as said above stand block and punish after.


Specifically with Karin I would just use Rassen-ha as you can go over the fireballs while also closing in and doing good damage.




When dealing with his Hadouken pressure you have to see positioning. At midscreen, if you jump in when the hadouken is already coming towards you, more than likely he has time to Shoryuken your face if you do. In that case a neutral jump and walking will probably be a good idea to close space, but be careful his pokes as you close distance.

But if you have a read on his timing and can predict a hadouken is coming at midscreen before he does it, I’d say go for the jump in and punish. There’s not much Ryu can do to you at midscreen range beyond Hadouken pressure. Just don’t play into his trap.


Also just be patient when playing against Ryu. Ryu’s play style pretty much forces players to slow down and play a more neutral game. But most newer and inexperinced players just don’t have the patience for it. They want to get in and do what they want right away and get blown up for trying to do so. So just take the adivce given by these guys and be patient during the match and seize moments to go aggressive when you see them.,


Newbie to this forum. I’ve been playing SF5 and everyone’s suggestions seem like solid answers. I play Necalli so I just Disc Guidance his fireballs and Block tatsu and punish with whatever. I used to have a REAL hard time with Ryu but now I bop them on occasion.


EX Orochi (qcf+kk, down+p) goes through fireballs as well.

Not the best but the set at 3:06 might help

Mago vs Bonchan at 3:26

Both vids show you have to use v-skill to close the gap, and stay in his face. Lots of patience and minimized/virtually no jumping.

If you want OP I can take a look at your replays again.


That’d be great but I can’t put my codes down because I’m away from home, my CFN is in my signature I don’t know if that’ll work or not


I can search by username, I’ll give it a shot


There is a specific range to be in that you can jump in on reaction to a fireball, fight for this range because if you are there you take away an important tool


If you mean the player using ryu, watch them during the match.


Aight, here are the replays I saw on my PS4, just did a quick n’ dirty phonecam :lol: It’s mostly Karin vs Ryu, though the 2nd vid has a couple of Vega vs Ryu games on it.

I feel your problem isn’t the Ryu matchup per se, but more of how to defend and block better imo*. Like, there are many times where you could have escaped a throw but kept getting grabbed (admittedly this is a problem of mine as well), and many times it seemed you just stood there and took a sweep/low attack when you could have easily blocked or avoided it. Knowing when to go in and when to ease up is also important. There was once instance where you had a big life lead as Karin, but threw it away and lost because you weren’t defending very well and let the Ryu go in and make his comeback.

I feel you have the most basic Ryu approaches down (jumping/punishing obvious fireballs, not jumping when the Ryu shows he can shoryuken/antiair challenge), so I would say play more and work on those and take into account what the other posters in this thread said. I can go to the specifics of the above replays if you want, I just need another watch-through.

If nothing else, I think you have improved a bit from when you last posted. We got combos now. :plus_one:

*I say that because I watched some of your other replays too, and I feel you lost to some Chun-Lis who were just pushing buttons and you kept dying to wakeup EX Bird everytime :s


I’d actually be very grateful if you could tell me some of the specifics of those replays, I actually watched both of your videos myself and aside from a few things (using heavy rasen-ha too much) I couldn’t find much else. I know I’m doing a lot more stuff wrong but I can’t put my finger on it, this is always been my issue when trying to watch replays


You jumped a lot in the first two minutes of the first vid. Same problem as Ressensha overuse. You were fortunate that the Ryu was not shoryukening as much as he did, but a better would really would have killed you for that. You had a big life lead around 1-2 minutes of the first vid, but you didn’t anti air the Ryu (stuff like s. hp, c. hp or even j. mp or j. hk work wonders here) and he basically got to jump in attack you for free. Same with the first match of the 2nd vid. If you didn’t get the last ditch Super you would have surely lost. Basically if you have a big lead, defend it. That includes blocking and antiairs No need to go in and ham because you run the risk of losing the life lead.

There’s also this weird sequence that happens a lot. I saw it at 4:19-4:20 and 5:05-5:09 of the firrst vid. Ryu did a sweep, but it was far out I guess or you counterswept late, allowing him to hit a second sweep. You can try c. mp or c. mk to combo in case you’re near enough. Sweep can be slow.

I’m not familiar with Vega so I can’t comment on that pair of matches just yet.