How the HELL do you beat the AI I-no

I’m talking about the one that shoots out millions of balls that I can’t avoid. As far as I know, she has three attack variations:

  • one that arcs upward. You duck under this one.
  • one that makes an upside down curve. You walk toward her on this one.
  • then there’s the one I can’t figure out how to get past. She shoots it out straight ahead in a big arc. I tried even jumping over her to the over side and it still gets me.

when shes going to do the full screen one, get up close to her. Jump then double jump over it, I think that works. Don’t jump over her. If you do it right, a stream comes out and you go over it. Not really sure though, I havent played arcade mode in forever.

I usually just break my meter imedeitly & go for the “destroyed” move.

just use faultless defense :karate:

fd drains tension like hell, even with the full screen stuff, with Sol I viper over the full screen thing, and use the knockdown kick before landing. When done right I’ll land right on time to grab her. Most important thing to note is that I-no gains tension VERY quick, so each time you stagger she will attempt a tension move. What I do against that is rush her down, but a bit carefully, I try to make sure that here stagger move doesn’t counter hit, so I can stagger out of it and block. Moves with invincibillity work real good against her btw, so all Viper will succesfully counter hit nearly anything, even her air overdrive.

Megalomania and it’s an easy move to dodge. Usually people don’t want to try and slug it with her so just hit the DESTROYED!!! If you fail, then try and get the quick special attacks in. Regen sucks.

Or play Sol, he’s cheap enough for her. goes THE RING mode

One thing about ino when she does the full screen crap just super jump, time it right and you’ll avoid most of it, and you dont have touse that much tension Fding, one other note about sol, if she does the full screen one when she’s in the corner run up to her and F,HS time it right and you’ll avoid the whole lot, for sol, INO is damn easy

I know how to avoid ALL of them.
well I just read that you only need help with the one that goes all over the place.
that ones the easy.
just use Faultless defense dont matter where just dont do it behind her.
btw I play the Xbox version offline and Online.
and I have played the ps2 version cause my cousin has it.
thats actually how I learned from the ps2 version.

Okay, you guys are all crazy. The best way to avoid that full screen megalomania is to get right up in front of her, jump as soon as the “danger” signs disappear, double jump. Works for everyone.

If you’re Pot, and stuck on the other side of the screen, THEN you FD. For everyone else, FDing is just a waste of tension.

Do you guys even play the game?!

Dont matter where you are just use faultless defense as long as you are not behind her and why double jump it doesnt always work.

and yes I Play the game, Online and Offline and believe it or not I have unlocked all three paths for all characters,once you do that you unlock Justice’s story which only has one path.
and I have beaten 75 missions out of 100 on Guilty Gear for xbox.

what system do you play it on??

The only two modes I play are practice and vs. what are all of you talking about?

The only time that it doesn’t work is when you fuck up. Otherwise, you should be guaranteed to not take any damage without having to waste your meter. If anyone has trouble with the timing of the double jump, you can also do a Dust attack at the top of your jump to extend it by a little bit. You really shouldn’t need to, though.

Umm… full screen one just double jump when the danger signs appear(IT ALWAYS WORKS, maybe your timing sucks :sweat: ), the upward one just go to the corner(not behind her), wave just get under the upward wave and walk under it as it moves closer to I-no. And FDing that shit is stupid because it’s a waste of tension and it’ll end up draining it all and if you don’t have that much tension you’ll receive hella lot chip damage plus guard gauge will be full.

I’ve beaten Ino with millia too(without instant kills). If you do your pressure game right you’ll find the AI is flawing on every point possible.

Crusader: what char do you play?

Ive beaten her with chip many times…

I dont really kno how I do it… I just do it…