How the hell do you deal with Cable?

I’m not the best marvel player in the world. I’m almost average. I can almost LAxxLightining storm on command, along with the HSF semi-infinite. I can also do a few reps of Rom.

Cable however just royally fucks me over. If I rush him down I eat and assist and get AHVB’d. If I try to run away a random nade or bullet will hit me and its over.

Are there any general tips for fighting cable that I dont know about?

Yeah cable’s a bitch. Running away definitely won’t do any good because chances are that cable will be running away too, and trying to keep the distance, so you’re only doing what he wants.

I’d suggest closing the distance, and staying in his face as much as possible(while evading his keep-away assists). What characters are you using?

I kinda figured that out after tonight :arazz:

Storm is good for running away agiant cable.

I find him most irritating when he has really good asisst like sent and commando to back him up. I usually try to bait him into wasting an ahvb and basically staying away from infront of him. He’s pretty terrible up close save for his lk and throw so a good Magneto can get him if played smart.

yeah, come to think of it, I could use some good anti cable strats. 300lbs eugenes cable rapes me.

your goal should be to snap him out, if possible. if you can’t, then chase his ass at all times, never be on the opposite side/wall cause he can get a good lockdown going. This means tons of wave dashing (while he’s in the air throwing grenades), dashing, and air dashing, just to get to cable. Oh yeah, don’t send your assists out too much. If they have half their life left, stop sending them out. his multiple AVHB can kill them. I think 4-5 kills a full life assist though? anyone know? and lastly, watch a lot of tournament vids. There are a bunch of EVO vids on youtube. you can learn a lot by just watching

good luck

IMO Spiral beats cable for free

you gotta be PATIENT… double dashing is your friend!

Mag vs Cable: double dash! double dash!!! if he jumps, double dash! if he ever throws out a j.hp to a grenade, double dash and thats free infinite. if he super jumps, doubledash and now he is in sj mode and can’t call an assist. free cross up before he lands. get him in the corner, and anticipate him trying to get out!

Storm vs Cable: same game plan as magneto. just realize that storm runs away better than cable. so you could even gain the lead, then just runaway and force cable to rush which isnt too much of his specialty. take advantage of him doin somethin stupid!

Sent vs Cable: same as magneto! but sent has a few more tricks. if cable EVER j.hp, grenade. wait to see the grenade and HSF his ass. he can’t cancel to AHVB. if cable stays on or near the ground alot, fly right above his head and unfly when AAA comes out, refly and keep applying pressure until in the corner.

Anybody vs Cable: get him in the damn corner. cable succksss in the corner, even with an AAA it doesnt hit the same way if you do it right.

I usually go with Storm/Sent/Cyke because what I seem to come up against the most is Cable/Capcom and the way I see it Cyke beats Capcom… but gets shot.

storm/sent/cyke vs cable/sent/capcom is really a bad battle for sscyke in that, if you lose to cable in the beginning with storm then a good cable will more than likely kill sent/cap easily. having cyke means the only reason to counter with an assist call is to buy you more time to pin cable down and land the hit of death. you cannot run from a good cable/capcom either but what you have to realize is you do not need to. here are my pointers since i have actually thought long and hard about this battle since i face it so much:

  1. get your two meters before you even go on the offensive bigtime, i sometimes try for three if i feel like his patterns are crappy
    2)DO NOT GET HIT! i know that this sounds stupid but really…if you can even partially block magneto storm and sentinel you should be able to block cable almost 99% of the time…cable tries to psyche your mind and kill your entire team with his gun because of impatience…if you are patient and have good offensive capabilities…you should land your hit before he chips you to death. contrary to popular belief…i do not believe cable chips worth a shit, and im not playing a noob cable, i mean shit, viper beams dont chip a lot, and its hard to pin somebody with THAT many. cables are bankinng you go ape shit trying to hit them and run into capcom. do not make their day.
    3)when you hit against cable you have to make it count. and that means killing him when you hit him with storm and snapping out if you have magneto. this is imperitive…against a good cable you MIGHT only get one chance to kill…well, probably two if cable is on point in the beginning.
    4)when any cable gets 3 meter you have to recognize…if you call your assist he is dead…so yes, cable will leave his assists VERY open to get punished…you have to realize that you do not need to kill cable’s assist when he is loaded with meter, you need to hit him. as a rule of thumb, just leave your assists at home and dont call them out. as you get better you might learn some tactics where u can bait an ahvb by calling your assists safely, but that beam is pretty quick!
    –hope this helped…it helped me greatly by establishing rules for myself against cable. it taught me to be patient and i started to get better results. i made this gimongous post because i loathe that mutherfucker and hope marvel gets hacked and cable loses all his moves but his nut grab.

Same here, join the club. Same goes for mags, storm, doom, sent, BH, and IM.

Hell yeah. thank god for her zero-frame-start-up teleport :smokin:

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wave dash a lot, it’s your bestfriend when it comes to fighting against cable.

pick strider and bomb the hell out of him? go hiroshima on that guy.

man, u really should be more scared of a mag storm or sent than cable.
u can defeat him before he even comes in by killing his assist or snaping him in with low meter. if ur assists have full health and he only has 1-2 meter, dont be scared u can afford to get shot once, rush him down. If he is up in the air and ur on the ground, call a slow assist like storm doom or sent drones and dash to the other side of him for a free cross of attempt, he cant punish the assist. If u do land a hit, go for maximum damage, make sure uget rid of him asap. if ur assists have alot of red health, go for long ass infinites to get some more healage. if u have the lead u can also evade him and runaway with the lead. I wish my arcade had better cable players so i could test my self

another thing, cable has relatively more lag then most characters when he attacks, so remember cable is just as worried as u when he attacks cuz if he misses a vb or a grenande u can dash in and punish him.

I have no problem with mag/sent/storm. All you have to do is block usually I can react fast enough to block to any given situation

personally i think

cable/storm = easy if you block well

mag/sent = ridiculous no matter what you do

whoever thinks magneto storm and sentinel are easy to block are…funny xD

sent has a mean hi-lo game but i would put mag and storm in a league of their own cuz they can tri-jump meaning they can jump in attack and even if u block they can go lo so fast cuz they got falling momentum, if sent does a jump in lk and u block he still has to land before he can attack but mag and storm even when blocked by the time they end their attack they will already touched the ground. I tried playing rouge to take ad vantage of her tri jump like d+k but i dont like her

mag/psy = madness. random. 1 hit is all it takes.

Thats where pushblocking comes in:wink: