How the hell do you link s.jab into a Blanka ball?



I’ve seen this done so many times…though I have no idea how it’s done.


Doesn’t he mean link a st lp into a bf+P? LIke, not combo it, but link.

Also Mr Gunter’s site says that Blanka linking cr lk is a one frame link. So that’s why I had difficulty. I think all you guys who can link it consistently are liars. LIARS


It’s not that hard, but maybe I just have a good sense of timing. I never double-tap either, I just feel when I need to press it. I can do x2 c.lp Ball like 90% of the time.


No, no. I saw ohayo12345 do something like cr.short, cr.short, st.jab, blanka ball. How is that done?


You just do the combo, I can do it easily and i dont even double tap, just hold down back for the c.shorts X2 the go up to back then then forward fp.


eh? I don’t even see the problem here… so you’re basically asking how to combo a standing jab into a ball??? if so then uh… u uh… charing back, push standing jab into a… ball…

if you’re asking about linking crouching shorts, then that’s just timing… there’s no trick, just time it…


Get the first c.short to counter hit, then linking another c.short is HELLA easy… and then linking the s.jab is ALMOST as easy… and then going to the ball is child’s play.


If you want s.lp into Blanka Ball only, you can charge back by holding the joystick/D-pad in the defensive crouch position, then just release down and press lp, what should come out is a s.lp then press Forward + P to get the Blanka Ball.


I think its my turn now…
you press c. short and then…WTF:wtf: