How the hell do you RC sonic booms?

Okay before you tell me to read some other faqs on how to RC, I already know how. I can RC sakura’s hurricane, iori’s rekka, cannon drill/spike, a whole lot of other moves, and even psycho crusher just fine via half circle method. i can even RC flash kick.

But I cant RC sonic boom for shit. Is there some kind of timing to it?

i know that for RC lk cannon drill, you do qcf and press lp first and lk immediately sorta like magnetos rom infinite (D+2p and lk immediately)

it also seems the faster the roll, the harder it is to RC although not entirely true.

ummm… i dont think that’s how you do it… you should be hitting lp+lk, then either releasing lk or tapping lk again… guile sonic boom would be charge back, neutral and lp+lk, forward and punch…

That’s not how you do it. If you’d like, refer to the old Blanka thread I made (and I’ve been trying to delete, but I can’t) if you want to learn how I do them. It’s under the section where I tell you how to do a jab Blanka ball. It’s personally the easiest way for me and I’m 90% sure that’s how Japanese do them too.

why did u try n delete it…it was full of good info…much better info than like 90% of the threads on srk.

I RC sonic booms several different ways. The one that works for me the best currently is…

charge DB then roll the stick to D,DF+jab+short,F+strong punch/fierce punch. The strong punch one comes out more often for me, I have no clue why.

There are two other techniques I use to RC sonic boom too. One is similar to what kcxj is talking about in his blanka thread. I do…

  1. Charge DB, then double tap your roll while pressing F. The first tap give you the roll, then 2nd one gives you the SB. You have to double tap the roll motion SUPER quick for this to work.

2.Charge B, bring the stick to neutral and press jab+short, F+Fierce. All you old school Guile players will know the timing for this one. It feels just like his old S.fierce,FK combo.

The motion that kcxj mentioned sounds intriguing and I’m gonna see how well I can do that motion. In case you don’t want to go searching for it, the motion is…

BTW, that part where he HOLDS the jab+short when he RC’s seems to help getting them out alot. It works well for the other 3 motions I listed above.

I do this:

Charge db, d, df+roll+fierce, f+roll+fierce.

So you’re double tapping the roll+fierce thing, it works pretty well, and before I knew about this, I couldn’t RC for shit.

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just what exactly is an RC im new at CvS2?

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Personally, I do charge back, lp+lk, forward+punch.
So hold back, press and hold roll, then go forward and punch.

so basically a roll cancel is a roll canceled into a special or command move? im a newb but i can hold my own. but like i was basically getting to the question that is a sonic hurrican roll canceled any good if any one can tell me give me a couple of way to trick sumbody into the sonic hurricane. any help will be grateful.

Here is a article done by james chen, john choi, derek daniels, art mkhikian, long tran.

In the Japanese CvS2 National Tournament, champion Ohnuki Shin’ya demonstrated a new glitch that has the potential to change how CvS2 will be played from this point on. This glitch, simply put, will allow the C, A, and N Grooves to perform invincible Special Moves whenever they want. Ryu can now throw a Hadouken and be mostly invincible while throwing it. Blanka can now perform a Rolling Attack right through a Projectile! Iori can perform a Deadly Flower right through your sweep.

The glitch stems from the fact that you can Kara (Kara being the Japanese word for “empty”) cancel a roll (Jab + Short) into a special move. What is a Kara cancel you ask? We are all familiar with Buffering, right? Canceling a Normal move that connects into a Special Move, like Ryu’s Crouching Forward into Hadouken Combo. Well, a Kara cancel is essentially the same thing, except you are canceling things that whiff… that hit nothing but air (thus, the term “empty”). This ability was put in to allow leniency on performing Special Moves. Several strategies have come from Kara Cancels before: Proximity Cancels in Alpha 3, Katobbi Cancels in Alpha 3, and Kara Throws in Third Strike. In all those situations, you canceled whiffing Normal Moves into another move, whether it was a Super, a Custom, or a Throw.

This new glitch basically allows you to cancel a Roll into any Special Move of your choice. Thus, you are Kara Canceling the Roll. Once you do this, your Special Move gains some invincibility that was supposed to apply to the Roll. Using this technique allows you to pass through Sonic Booms or to have 100% invincible anti-air Psycho Crushers or to out-invincible Level 3 Supers! Pretty much, it’ll could change the way CvS2 can be played on its highest level.

Rolls are rather unique in the fact that they aren’t quite like any other types of “action” you’ve ever been able to perform in a Street Fighter game. Most things could fall under a “Normal Move” category or a “Special Move” category or a “Super Combo” category. But Rolls… they kind of fall somewhere in the middle of them all in this ambiguous limbo. For one, rolls can’t be cancelled into (such as Crouching Forward into Roll). However, they CAN be used as a Reversal, a feature that is normally reserved for Specials and Supers. Also they contain invincibility frames, yet have no hitting frames and are susceptible to Throws throughout the entire Roll. And most importantly, regarding this glitch, they share one property that most Normal Moves possess: they can be Kara-Canceled.
So what happens when you Roll? It looks like just one thing: your character goes into a bunch of animation frames deemed invincible by the game. But that’s not actually what’s going on. When you press Jab + Short, there are actually TWO events occurring, but they coincide so well with each other, it appears that only one event is occurring. The first and most obvious event is that you roll: your character goes into an animation where they move along the floor with shadow effects. The second obvious thing is that you become invincible to regular attacks. But what is important to note is that though these two things happen in conjunction with each other to form one action (the Roll), they are in fact two separate entities being kept track of by the game. This is very important in understanding this glitch.

The fact that these two things are actually independent allows us to cancel the Roll animation, yet retain the invincibility frames. When a roll is performed, the game creates two “threads”. The 1) “animation thread” to control the animation of the Roll and the 2) “invincibility thread” to keep track of the length of the invincibility. However, when a Roll is Kara Canceled, only one thread is interrupted: the animation thread. Thus, the invincibility thread continues to live on. So the Special Move gains the benefit of these invincibility frames rather than the Roll. So the Special Move gets to be invincible for as long as the character’s Roll is invincible… so you can see how this can become very deadly.

Of course, this means that the Special Move isn’t entirely invincible. Every characters Rolls have 21-22 frames of pure invincibility (except Chun Li, who happens to have 23, and Eagle and Maki, who have 20). Thus, only the first 21-22 frames of a Special Move will actually be invincible. So although Ryu can Kara-Roll Cancel his Hadouken, he’ll still become vulnerable a bit after the fireball leaves his hands. So if you jump over Ryu and he throws a Kara-Roll Canceled Hadouken, you’ll still be able to nail him in his delay after the first 21 invincible frames have ended. Or if Blanka does a Kara-Roll Canceled Rolling Attack from across the screen, by the time he reaches you, you can still hit him out of the Rolling Attack. Also, if the move has natural delays, you can always nail the enemy out of their delay. If Guile does a Kara-Roll Canceled Somersault Kick, you can still nail him during his recovery. If Bison does a Kara-Roll Canceled Psycho Crusher and you block it, you can still nail him after he passes through you.

Nevertheless, the Kara-Roll Cancel can still be quite deadly. If Blanka is anywhere closer than 3/4 a screen away, you simply cannot hit him if he charges at you with a Kara-Roll Canceled Rolling Attack, so you just become fearful of trying to poke at him with anything! If Iori does the first part of the Deadly Flower, he’s pretty much invincible the entire way through, so he can almost fearlessly attack you with that move all day! And just being able to have the option of an invincible Anti-Air with any character can send shivers down one’s spine.

Any Special Move works with Kara-Roll Canceling, but you need to be fast. Please note: this isn’t easy. It takes practice, so don’t expect you to perform these Kara-Roll Cancels at a 100% clip. You can only cancel the first 3 frames of a Roll with a Special Move (and by frames, I mean refresh frames… so 3 frames is basically a fraction of a second). Keep in mind CvS2 runs at 60 frames a second. Thus, you have to perform the Roll and then the Special Move VERY FAST. In fact, it’s best if you “blend” the motions, such as:
Kara-Roll Canceled Fireball Special Move:
– Down, Down/Toward + Jab + Short, Toward + Punch
Kara-Roll Canceled Sonic Boom Special Move:
– Back, Neutral + Jab + Short, Toward + Punch

This is the best way to perform a Kara-Roll Cancel. If you press Jab + Short too early, you’ll most likely just Roll. If you wait too long, you’ll just end up doing the Special Move WITHOUT the invincibility you are trying to get. But I would say 90% of the time a failed Kara-Roll Cancel will result in the Special Move. If you are Rolling most of the time when you fail, you are more than likely pushing the Jab and Short buttons too early.
The best way to do this is to try a “sweeping” motion of your fingers across the buttons. Place your index finger and thumb over the Jab and Short buttons, respectively. Then put your ring or pinky finger over the button you plan to use to activate the Special Move. Then, when you do the joystick motion, roll your hand from left to right very quickly. You are essentially hitting all three buttons at the same time, but purposely bringing the index and thumb down half a second earlier. That should allow you to Roll right before you activate the Special Move. (For those of you who play cross-handed, I don’t have a recommended way of doing this… You might have to try hitting the Jab and Short with your ring and pinky fingers instead, and hit the third button with the index finger or thumb. But I don’t know how comfortable that really is, so you’ll have to figure something out on your own.)

When all is said and done, it takes precise timing to perform and it isn’t easy. You have to practice to become good at it, but some players have already gotten to an 80% success rate. Some players claim a 95% success rate already on most Fireball motions. So it can be done with some consistency, no doubt. It just takes practice so don’t be discouraged.

Now that we know how to Kara-Roll Cancel a Special Move, we should mention certain special cases for certain types of Special Moves.

Characters that have a counter, such as Geese or Rock, become invincible when they perform a Kara Counter. But, essentially, this makes the Counter pointless!!! Hence, they only become useful in order to go through Projectiles or something. But if someone is attacking you, you should NOT perform a Kara-Roll Canceled Counter, or else the enemy cannot hit you, and you will not actually go into your Counter. With Yamazaki, however, you may want to perform a Kara-Roll Cancel on his Counter. The start-up of his Counter eats up most of the invincible frames, and he sits there with his tongue out much longer that the 21-22 frames of invincibility allotted to him. Thus, it makes Yamazaki’s Counter, in essence, SAFER because you can’t hit him during his start-up anymore. He’ll go from invincible straight into his Counter, now.
Projectile Reflects, such as Rugal’s Dark Barrier or Athena’s New Psycho Reflector, work mostly the same way whether Kara-Roll Canceled or not. The only difference is that you can’t hit the enemy for those first 21-22 frames if it. Otherwise, the fireball will be reflected back as normal, if the Fireball comes in contact with the Reflect portion of the move. However, there are two cases where the behavior is a little different: Yamazaki’s Double Return and Eagle’s Saint Andrews Green. In both of those cases, the character doesn’t reflect your projectile, per se. They absorb it, and fire backs their “own” projectile. Apparently, these moves work by “trading” with the projectile. It hits the projectile and erases it, but the projectile also hits the move. If the projectile hits the move, it’ll shoot back it’s own projectile. Thus, if you Kara-Roll Cancel these two particular reflect moves, the projectile can’t HIT anything, because it’s invincible!! So what happens is that the projectile is hit by the move (and gets erased), but the projectile doesn’t hit the move, so nothing is shot back!! So if you are trying to reflect a projectile back at the enemy with these two characters, don’t Kara-Roll Cancel it.

Yup. Taunts act as Special Moves. So you can Kara-Roll Cancel a Taunt!!! So yes, you can use Taunts to go through Projectiles as well! And to avoid Special Moves and Supers and such! So not only can you avoid these things, you can avoid them IN STYLE!! :slight_smile: The ultimate Kara-Roll Cancel insult!

By now, many many many many MANY questions are probably popping into everyone’s head. Most of you out there will probably start asking yourself many “Can you…?” questions. “Can you Kara-Roll Cancel the Roll into another Roll?” "Can you Kara-Roll Cancel a Roll into a Custom Combo in A Groove? “Can you Kara-Roll Cancel into Super Combos?!?” “Can you Kara-Roll Cancel a Dodge in S Groove?” “Can you Kara-Roll Cancel a Counter Movement in N Groove?” Well, this section will attempt to answer all the questions you may have come up with.

Q. Can you Kara-Roll Cancel the Roll into another Roll?
A. No. Rolls, remember, cannot be Buffered into. Thus, they do not have the ability to cancel Normal Moves. In the same regard, then, that means they cannot cancel ANYTHING that can be canceled through Buffering or Kara-Canceling. Thus, they cannot cancel themselves. So no 100% invincible infinite Rolls.
Q. Can you Kara-Roll Cancel into Super Combos?!?
A. Yes. However, Supers have their own “invincibility threads”. Thus, whenever a Super is activated, the game will recalculate the intended invincibility of the Super to give it its proper invincibility period. Thus, Level 1’s and other weak Supers will not gain the invincibility of a Roll.

Q. Can you Kara-Roll Cancel a Roll into a Custom Combo in A Groove?
A. No. At least, not that we’ve found yet… And this is a moot point anyhow. By the same virtue as the Super Combos, a Custom Combo would recalculate it’s own invincibility right upon start-up. So even if you could Kara-Cancel a Roll into a Custom, there really isn’t much point to it.

Q. Can you Kara-Roll Cancel a Dodge in S Groove?
A. So far, no. Repeated attempts have been made to perform a Kara-Dodge Cancel, but so far to no avail. There are no solid theories as to why this is, but the best we can come up with is this: Dodges are very “specific” in their properties and their three phases that a Dodge is made of are treated very carefully. So there was no carelessness in accidentally allowing the Dodge to be Kara-Canceled at the beginning. This reason doesn’t make much sense, admittedly. :slight_smile: But there really is no clear reason why this doesn’t work.

(Do note, though, that you CAN Kara Cancel certain Dodge Attacks into Specials, but this does not create any sort of invincible benefits like a Kara-Roll Cancel does. Every character has one Dodge Attack that is Bufferable. However, this Dodge Attack doesn’t need to connect in order to be canceled in that frame. You can actually miss with the attack and still cancel on that frame. So characters like Zangief can cancel his Punch Dodge Attack in its first frame into an SPD, even if it whiffs. This essentially lets him go from a Dodge straight into the SPD with only ONE vulnerable frame that can be struck: the frame with his arm just starting to come out.)

Q. Can you Kara-Roll Cancel a Counter Movement in N Groove?
A. No. Even though Counter Movements ARE just Rolls, it appears that because they are done in a non-Neutral situation (during a Block), Capcom wasn’t worried about Roll commands and Special Move commands interfering with each other. Thus, you are not allowed to Kara-Roll Cancel a Counter Movement. At least, so far, we haven’t been able to do it. :slight_smile:

Q. Can you use the Negative Edge (button release) to perform a Kara-Roll Cancel?
A. Yes. But this isn’t easy at all. It sounds like it should make performing a Kara-Roll Cancel MUCH easier… a breeze, even. But for some reason, it is MUCH easier to perform a Kara-Roll Cancel the “normal” way: by pressing a button. Normally, you would think that it would be more effective to do the motion, hit Jab + Short part way through the motion, and then activate the Special Move by releasing the Jab or Short that you pressed down (depending on what Move you are trying to do). However, after trying this repeatedly, it’s pretty conclusive that this method is actually HARDER to do. Why is that? We’re not sure why, but it may, in fact, be quicker to hit another button down by rolling your fingers across Jab and Short and the third button then it is to releasing Jab or Short after pressing them down.

Q. Can you Kara Cancel a Roll into a Jab or Short versions of Special Move?
A. Yes, but, again, it’s MUCH harder to do. This is because you have to tap Jab + Short VERY VERY VERY VERY quickly. You have 3 frames to cancel a Roll, right? So in 3 frames, you have to have let go of the Jab and Short and have pressed Jab or Short again for your Special Move! 3 frames is a VERY short period of time, folks, so this is not going to happen very often at all. You’re better off sticking with the other four buttons for activating the Special Move.

Q. Can you extend Zangief’s SPD range with this, in a way that the Extended SPD Range in Alpha 3 worked?
A. By virtue that you move slightly forward because of the Roll before it’s canceled, yes, by a tiny bit.

Q. Hmmm… Speaking of Zangief’s SPD… Since these are a Roll’s invincibility, can you throw the enemy during these invincible frames?
A. Yes. All properties of the Roll are still there. So even if Iori does a Kara-Roll Canceled Deadly Flower and you do a Final Atomic Buster with Zangief, you’re going to grab the enemy. Rolls do not have invincibility against Throws, so since you are only gaining the Roll’s properties, you will get thrown. However, if the Throw isn’t instant, or if it has less range than the attacking move, or has no invincibility, you will probably hit the person trying the Throw attempt, rather than getting thrown yourself. You can only be thrown if you are within their range and they can grab you past (or through) your attack. And, of course, ONLY if the move you are doing is still on the ground. You still can’t grab if you do a Blanka Rolling Attack, for example, unless it’s an Air Throw of some sort (like Zangief’s Aerial Russian Slam).

Thanks to bas for providing us with this information.

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