How the hell do you stop Seth



He’s the only character I have problems against


You need to read that there is a matchup thread and ask this question there.


No one replies


The Adon Matchup thread is pretty pathetic. Half of the spoiler boxes are still blank and you have to go fishing through several pages to find info on some matches. For some matches there is still no info in the entire thread.


Yeah sorry we don’t have the time to learn every matchup because you people are too stupid to figure this game out on your own. Just choose random select and be online fodder like the other scrubs.


This is supposed to be a forum for help and hints in relation to Adon, correct? If anyone coming here looking for help is “too stupid to figure the game out” on their own then what’s the purpose of this forum anyhow?

OF COURSE you have to learn this game as you play it, and gain your experience on your own but it’s always nice to see what other players do in various matchups and see if they’ve come up with anything you haven’t thought of. Could it hurt to clean up the thread a little? Just a suggestion, no need to be rude.


I always used the footsies thing.


This thread IS for the discussion of Adon, and it IS a forum full of helpful hints on how to level up your jaguar game. What it IS NOT is a place to come and complain if the information you find here doesn’t meet your specific needs. It’s not anyone’s job or responsibility to post info here, and anything posted is done so voluntarily to better the community, and I absolutely take offense to someone who has only ever made 2 posts showing up and calling our matchup thread pathetic.


theres like 3 adon players that are consistently giving out decent information daily so its pretty slow. to say this thread is pathetic is pretty offensive since some of us(including myself) do our best to help other players out. if you need help just ask in the match up thread. doesnt matter if its been asked before, who knows, you’ll probably get a different answer.


As the person that created that thread, and one of the most active members of the adon forums I feel I have the right to tell you to go fuck yourself. I check this forum nearly every 2 hours. For specific matchups I will update the main post with USEFUL information that will help every adon player in that particular matchup. If there isn’t any ground breaking information I will not update the main post. We have ongoing discussions on matchups. If you want every match up to be broken down to every pixel then you are in the wrong forums.


lol everyone is yelling at each other, pretty god damn hilarious


Was just a simple statement though there was no need for people to be aggressive about it. I will say though if you want info on a certain matchup then your only options are to:

1: Check the matchup section ok it may be lacking in some places and on certain characters but bare in mind people have to fight against a char to get info on them.

2: Check out the vid section you may find what your looking for there.

3: Figure it out for yourself (this is your best option really as other people may be more/less skilled then you so will take a different approach to the situation)


LOL, thanks for the suggestion. It was never my intent to call any individual poster, or their posts “pathetic.” I was referring to the overall lack of organization in the matchup thread. So, if you have taken offense, I apologize. I appreciate all of the information that has been shared by posters, I simply think that the thread could use an overhaul. I would be more than willing to help out.


^^^^^You do realize, troll… That the game has been out for not even 3 months now? OBVIOUSLY the forums in this particular character, and I am sure many others are incomplete. ALOT of the frame data is still missing for a lot of characters. If you are expecting an in depth matchup thread with every single detail of every single match up, get to work buddie.

Coming into these forums and saying the compiled threads are incomplete, the lack of organization and the fact that matchup info isnt 100% done is “pathetic” only brands you and ASSHOLE across your forehead and the right to be ignored.

Now, PLEASE stop creating useless threads like these. I am 100% sure that ALL of the threads besides the stickied ones are shit we talk about already in said threads. FFS


get a friend. ask him to play seth.


well we may not be able to give you all the info, but how about you tell us what part of seth’s game beats you up the most?


Just saying someone needs to delete this thread before words that people are gonna regret are said, or just rename it the compliant section