How the hell does class/grade work?

Was reading online that your “class” is basically a reflection of how many battle points you have. (

But I just played a guy today (xbox360) who had 3150 BP and was class B. How does that work?

Does it have something to do with the “total” points at the bottom of the window? The manual doesn’t explain what “total” points are.

Any ideas?

Haha I’m a dumbass. Total is the total number of matches, huh? Seems like it… they increment by +1 each time in battle log. Still don’t know why there’s a discrepancy with class though.

Your class doesn’t go down when you drop under the threshold. I think it might eventually, but not right on the line.

So this guy dropped 2000BP? It takes 5000bp to hit class B

BP is character specific, I believe. So maybe the class shown is the highest of all his characters? I don’t know.

You go to class and get a grade.

But game wise your points is your current status and your grade is your highest you’ve gotten to.

I’m seeing a lot of guys with 3000 range BP and class B. I dont think that many guys are losing 2000BP at a clip.

you are way overestimating how good people are at this game.

Dude, when you lose in ranked, you only drop like 10-15 BPs. That means you’d have to lose like 200 consecutive matches to players worse than you before you could drop 2000BP. It doesn’t make sense.

the BP calculation changes as you go up in grade. You can’t even lose BP under 1k I believe.

It’s way harder to go from B to B+ than it is to go from C to B.

BP gain after you hit A rank is very hard.

I’m not talking about gaining BP. I’m talking about LOSING BP. How are guys LOSING 2000BP? Or is there some other system of calculating player class?

I’m saying that you lose more BP as you go up in grade, and you lose more if you are losing players who have less BP than you. that 10-15 bp isn’t a set number.

Oh yeah, but I’m talking about the ~5000 range BP. That’s where you lose around 10-15 because that’s how much I lose every time I screw up against a “D” ranked player :slight_smile:

As soon as you hit b class (5000 bp I bp believe) you will notice that you don’t gain points as easily as before. This is because you don’t gain as many points with every win and you lose more points with every loss. This varies according to your opponent’s class.

As we speak I am flying up the leaderboards on my way to number one for my main character. This will surely change once I hit b class. Once that happens, one of two things will happen. I’ll either continue to climb at a much slower pace or I’ll begin to drop in rank. I’ll remain in b class even though my points have dropped below 5000. Once I drop below 2500 bp I’ll be demoted to c+.

I hope this helped.

So you guys really think that there’s a bunch of players out there that hit 5000BP and then somehow dropped 2000BP? Even on my worst losing streak I think i’d give up and smash my xbox before I could lose 2000 points. I don’t even think that’s possible unless you just sold your game to some newbie who went on a 200-game consecutive losing streak to wreck your record.

I’ve seen too many B ranked players with ~2000-3000 BP for that to be realistic.

What’s your main’s bp if you don’t mind my asking?


I think you are seriously confused between BP and PP.

pretty sure he doesn’t have 5040 PP

I never said I had 5040 PP.