How the hell does class/grade work?

Which is why I don’t think you are confused at all.

oh, i didnt realize you were talking to Reipin. So no one knows why there are 3000BP players with B grades, huh?

Happened to me too. I had ~5000BP which will give you grace B, now i’ve 3000BP.
So how is it possible to loose so many points? :slight_smile:
I don’t know… maybe i play really play stupid now.
And someday i got frustrated, started to play random chars, lost even more :slight_smile:
I actually dropped below 3k.

If you play with random characters, it won’t change your BP for the 5000 character

Yea i know. Still i lost almost every match that time, with my main too. For whatever reason.
My usual SSF4 procedure was like:

  • training mode to warm up
  • play ranked
  • loose a lot, get frustrated
  • play random for a few matches
  • quit SSF4 :slight_smile:
    And the next day it was the same.

So right know many ppl think i’m good when they see my grade… but i’m not :slight_smile:
They even write msg after matches.

I think you have to compare BP with PP:

  • low PP, low BP -> not good, just started, switched account
  • low PP, high BP -> not good
  • high PP, low BP -> he knows SF but maybe not this char, he play’s a lot in endless and will crush you :slight_smile:
  • high PP, high BP -> you’re free for him :slight_smile:

Haha yeah i know what you mean, man. I’m transitioning from keyboard and it’s tough. I’m ok with keyboard but dogshit with stick. I’m around 1500-2000PP but I sometimes drop as low as the 700s when I’m on a losing streak. Haven’t managed to lose 2000BP just yet though. :slight_smile:

points in this game don’t really matter i have like 700 pp right now in ae ( i never play ranked ) and in super i have 1600 and that was normally my low, you can’t really judge how a player is if they are 1000-2000 range because alot of people including me just use their mains when there pp gets low and when it gets high they pick different characters to try and improve on them

As someone who just hit 5000 BP and the B rank, I’ve had lots of frustrating moments which definitely contribute to these massive losses you’re talking about here.

Some matches, you win and you literally gain 1 BP. Then you lose a match and your BP drops by 45.

Hard to maintain your momentum when a win barely registers on your ranking and a loss absolutely obliterates it.

Perhaps some of them lose that many BP, but I’m pretty sure than your grade is only based on the highest BP total you’ve reached with any character. For example, my main is at B I guess, but if I play with any other character, I think it still says I’m a B grade player even though I have close to 0 BP with every other character.

No, try it, you’ll be back to D on the other players.

Bp and PP are no indication of someones skill, just experience with BP.
PP is retarded.
You fight 2-4 battles to get 100 PP and lose 100 in one to someone who has lower pp. It feels a little ass backwards at times. Its fine and dandy when you have a solid chunk to toss around but 1/10th of it for one battles feels a little like, what?

But the huge BP loses, I’ve seen them, its odd but hey.

PP can be very misleading at times, but rest assured that someone with a high is probably very good at the game (at least in their region). In order to maintain a good PP, you have to keep beating people at or higher than your skill level, and even then you don’t really gain that much from the win. If on the other hand you lose to someone with much lower PP than you, you can basically forget about getting it back from them within a reasonable amount of time. BP is much more lenient.


Well I’ll tell you how it happened to me. I was just over 5000 BP with Oni,something like 2200 PP on PSN, nothin special, and now I’m at about 3300 BP. Its a combination of getting extremely unlucky with landing in matches with people with no battle points to throw up and the fact you gain PP much quicker than you gain BP. What happens to me is I’ll win a bunch of games against people my skill level, then suddenly I’m up against people better than me. Now I should just get pushed back to my skill and get back to winning, but after I lose almost 100% of the time I’m back in for a rematch again and again. Mostly for me though I’ve just fallen into a bit of a slump with my playing. Losing against people I should beat easily. Could be a similar thing with the people you’re seeing.


Back in super, every time I ranked up my Ryu’s BP, later on my bro would hop on and go on a losing streak and throw away tons of BP points. After awhile, voila, you have a 3000BP B ranked Ryu.

For reference, he plays a specialized flowchart Ryu. For more reference, I would usually play until I hit the 3000PP mark, then he comes on and brings it back down to under 1500PP.

Thats crazy, dude. 2000BP means you’d have to lose over 200 matches against people who are worse than you. Your brother must have lost a LOT to lower that much.

You lose a lot more than just 10BP per game.

the most i’ve ever lost is like 15 i think… unless you’re talking about PP. And that’s when I lost to like a D player. But you gotta remember that the number of points you lose goes down as your BP drops as well, so it’ll be closer to 10 and lower as you keep losing. 200 matches is a LOT considering that you’ll win sometimes (and get BP back) too.

Ok, maybe not down to 3000BP then, but maybe 3500-4000BP? Losing 100 matches isn’t that unreasonable. Let’s say you play 20 matches a day. You’ll reach in in like less than a week.

And mind you, his spirit is not crushed when he loses. In fact, I think he considers it a win as long as he pulls off dp FADC ultra or his favorite, random EX fireball FADC ultra, also known as “Alex Valle!”

Class is glitched on that screen. It shows the letter rank of the last character you used, not necessarily your main. So you could have a 30k BP Akuma then play Ibuki randomly for one match and it’d show you as D class on that screen.

who cares about BP anyway?
i play like trash and 2nd top on ibuki BP ladder. (my win % is 50%)
almost 5k bp but 1-1.5k PP.

when i’ll get B rank i’ll go downward spiral? or it’ll stay the same