How the hell does Dee Jay do it?

The computer pulls it off perfectly of course, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to pull off Dee Jay’s uppercut punch to get the full 4 or 5 hits not just the two hits, thanks :tup:

Repeatedly tap the punch button.

Unless you mean for it to combo… then I have no clue. :lol:

Geez, I have bad wording and memory, what I meant to spell was DeeJay’s hyper fist. I’m not talking about putting it into combos, but just the combo of the hyper fist alone, does like 4 hits. I know you repeadetly tap the punch button, but what is the timing on it?

You got to have the rhythm, mon! :cool:

It cheats, period, much in the same way it can make Honda do crouching weak kick to hundred hand slap, or walk forward to Blanka ball.

If you figure it out… let me know. :slight_smile:

I have a rhythm that works, but I don’t know WHY it works. I can’t really explain it either… I mash all of them, but not too fast? ehh… sorry.

It’s only for show really, because a simple no-mash 2 hit hyperfist is good enough (crossup, d.LP, d.HP, hyperfist is pretty much garaunteed dizzy)

But I understand your curiousity. I remember reading something about it before… I’ll see if I can dig it up.

EDIT: Here’s an old link where the same question was raised… Prolly not much help I’m afraid. :frowning:

exactly right! two quick drums across the punches then stop or else. just practice it to get the rhythm. I wouldn’t suggest using it outside of a combo; within combos its purpose is to dizzy.

the machine has upper-body invincibility, making it one the few moves Deejay has to reverse ticks or use as a wake up against close ground attacks. frankly speaking, i don’t see what’s so difficult about mashing the punch buttons with a bit of vigour.

edit: applies to the super street fighter 2 version of Deejay.

It’s not a bad move,… but as AA, I think it’s crap. Especially compared to the upkicks. It definitely CAN beat stuff, but the superiority of the upkicks almost forces you to pick otherwise. Especially since if you face dhalsim without upkicks you lose for free.

The invincibility (but slow startup) makes it a shitty wake-up reversal in that it’s real easy to time a jump-in so that you block (if he does hyperfist) but connect if he doesn’t.

my original post was in reference to the super street fighter 2 version of Dee jay. in ssf2, the machine gun upper was Dee jay’s only wake-up option against jump-in attacks, where the invincibility (removed or shortened in ssft2) was the only thing that made it possible for him to do this. and, it was definitely quick enough to counter jump-in attacks.

Well, yeah, versus jump-ins it definitely works, and scores that all-important knockdown for DJ’s crossup nonsense. MGU Also seems to work nice against cross-ups too.

But as a wake-up, it really suffers from it’s startup. Kinda like in A3, when you can jump-in after a shoto sweep and block the DP or hit if they don’t DP. For instance, if Ken does his knee bash into jump LP trap, you can’t use reversal MGU on the j.LP… he will drop through it and block it.

Also, I don’t think it is that good for stopping ticks, as I think you can throw him out of it… but it’s all you’ve got besides counter-throw and LK dread kick.

I’ll go test this stuff out again, it’s been a while and I’m just going from memory. Hrm. On second thought, I’ll go make a vid for DeeJay while I’m at it.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Ken does not have his knee grab throw in ssf2. the kind of ticks i was referring to were things like guile’s sonic boom-> throw. the upper-body invincibility of the machine gun upper can used to reverse/counter throws because it cannot - or at the very least - is diffcult to be thrown. the machine gun upper had its properties changed from ssf2 to ssf2t, and as such, its funtions and applications vary from each game.

He was talking about A3

Actually no, I was talking about AE… I was just trying to illuminate the option-select jump-in. It’s the same as in A3 when you jump-in with LP after landing a shoto sweep. It works against MGU.

I know the MGU isn’t so hot against throws and as wake-up for OG.DeeJay. It’s better than ST Deejay’s MGU though for invincibility.

As for SSF2, I’m really not sure. Middlekick: can you be more specific with the differences?