How thick does the top of the box\case has to be?


Hi, I’m new here please don’t hate me. :s

I have an old wooden box laying around, it’s pretty perfect in size to be used as an arcade stick case.
The only thing that worries me is whether or not the top of the box (panel?) can endure carrying the 340grams of the Sanwa JLF. The top of the box is about 3.5mm thick.

I never built a stick before, I’ve seen other DIY projects from simple wood boxes, but i don’t understand how can 2 little screws with 2 little nuts can hold this weight + all the movement pressure applied on the joystick.

Will the screws tear down the wood from the inside after extended use?



It really depends on the material used and the quality of that material. There also many, many kinds of wood.
If you are worried you can include an additional inside layer to re-enforce your box.

You can see an example of a re-enforcing layer here on slag coin


I don’t get it, i see people using shoe boxes or Tupperware as their cases.

It seems like those little bolts/nuts are responsible on holding all of the joystick’s weight, maybe the mounting plate is distributing the weight more evenly?

Would it help if i tape something like a book cover underneath the panel as a ghetto solution? or will it just add more weight for the top to carry?


Ghetto cases don’t last long


My man, listen to @Darksakul I had a shoebox that lasted me two weeks of weekend-only play.
The shoebox was fancy AF too, having reinforced wooden side panels, and the whole shit collapsed in 3 or 4 sessions.


Just to be clear, i’m planning on bottom mounting the JLF like this guy:


Yeah I built my first stick just like in the video.
The difference was I pad hacked a Game Stop brand PS2 controller instead of a Rasp Pi.


Please just promise you’re not planning on doing the same button arrangement also.


Haha no, i got the layout from slagcoin.
I’m actually thinking about dropping it lately, it seems a bit like a gamble to put arcade parts on a box and hope for the best.

I’m thinking about using epoxy to glue a hard book cover on top of the panel or just using the glow on weak spots on the bottom of the panel (between buttons,around the jlf area).