How this combo works !? (SFIV AE : IBUKI)


Hi everyone xD
im just wondering if you could help me im trying to figure out how this combo video works im currently still practicing on the 1st combo on the vid but i just can’t do it . I already break down the combo and it starts with cr.LP cr.LP st.Mk Kasumi gake but only two kicks then st.LP st.MK kasumi gake but the problems is after the first kasumi gake when i st.LP it became out of range the combo breaks T-T so uhm did i do something wrong missed something in the combo ?
this is the combo vid im trying to imitate

im just new to the street fighter forums so please forgive me if my explanation is kinda weird anyways please help im losing in the online battles cause i can’t heavily punish my opponents T-T


These are not basic combos, nor are they something for a beginner to worry about at all.
Also kasumi gake is her command dash, you mean tsumuji, her kicks special.

The st.lp after lk tsumuji will only connect on certain characters and from closer ranges, it is also an unplinkable 1 frame link, the most difficult of difficult links. The Ibuki forums have a document where they’ve shown which tsumuji combos works on which characters.

For now just keep it really basic, don’t make the mistake of focusing too much on these higly advanced combos when you don’t even have fundamentals down.
Get a simple hitconfirm combo, a punish combo, some anti-airs, and use a few pokes and go from there.


Is that so thanks for the advice i think i’ll just focus on my fundamentals more this time xD
I just want to maximize my punish combo but i think i’m getting ahead too much .
Anyways thanks for replying to my question