How to add a Xbox 360 headset jack to a Arcade Stick?

I’m thinking of getting an arcade stick tomorrow that its pretty cheap but can be easily modded. Its similar to the mayflower stick butthere is something that is bother me. It doesnt have an headset jack. IS there any way to add it on the stick?

The Xbox 360 PCB has to already have a headset jack before you can “add” one to the stick.
What you could to is swap the PCB with another one that supports a headset jack.

Issue then is out you are going to place the headset jack on the surface of your controller.

Did you mean the arcade stick you’re using is the datel one?

The pcbs for the mayflash and datel sticks do not support a headset jack at all. If you want a headset for use you’d have to either use a wireless mic or swap out the datel pcb for a 4716 pcb and install the jack on the outside yourself.

Yeah, Ive decided not to get the datel one and instead get the Hori Ex2. Its 15 dollars cheaper and has the old jack which i like.