How to add art onto HRAP2s?

Hey guys!

I was just wondering how to put artwork on my HRAP2. I’m trying to avoid having to use acrylic/lexan/etc because I don’t have the necessary tools/parts to cut and/or drill them. If I really have to use these materials to make the art last long and look nice, then I guess I’ll just go around borrowing tools from friends then =P.

All I can think of so far is…

  • printing something on some sticky paper and putting it on top of the faceplate
  • Cut out a thick piece of lexan/acrylic/etc and use that as the faceplate, then put art underneath
  • Put art on top of existing faceplate, then put a thin sheet of lexan/acrylic on top.

So yea, any other ways would help. I just want to see my options.
Btw, how this is the stock faceplate?

Thanks in advance =)

I’m pretty sure you can remove the metal top and just strip the design. Then from there you clean the metal up (any bumps will show through). After that you just slap a big piece of art on there and contact paper it up.

Someone close this topic please. I took 2 hours researching and found out what I needed =\