How to : Add Custom Art to your TE fightstick and swap simple options


Thanks! But I think its a little too late for my warranty, I already messed up the sticker trying to unscrew the screw out lol. I’m planning on putting plexi + art on the top, bottom and side panel. I might as well try to take out the 24mm buttons from the bottom if its easier. Taking out from the top looks really difficult but I’ll give it a try.


I’m ordering my Plexi+Art soon and it says in bold to get rid of the nubs on the buttons so they don’t crack your Plexi.

This concerns me deeply and I don’t want to screw it up, how exactly do I do this, and what nubs exactly are we talking about?

My sanwa buttons does not go in all the way

You see them?

My sanwa buttons does not go in all the way
Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)
Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

The 4 little nubs, the parts NOT circled on this image.

The tabs that are circled press into the button, but the “nubs” do not so thats why they will break the plexi if its too tight of a fit.

How do you do it? sand paper or a file, or a dremel, or a knife. Anything to get them off.

If you are really concerned about it you can just buy some buttons that are screw-in type rather than pop-in.


Oh, thank you two for such a fast and helpful response, now I know what you mean. Okay, I will get rid of those soon, thanks for the help, glad I didn’t go ahead and crack my plexi.


Had problems finding exactly where these “nubs” are that need to be shaved as well.

This pic illustrates perfectly

My sanwa buttons does not go in all the way
Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)
Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

How hard is it to edit the TE S edition’s artwork? Does it look sloppy when completed, since it’s on a piece of plastic that’s sticking out?


What do you mean?


What do you print the custom art on? If I want to use a Plexi should I laminate or lamilable it?


Card stock.
80lb be fine.
No gloss or shiny.

Answer is no.


What res for print outs? Dimensions? Kikos?Z!?!

Thanks :smiley:


I’m thinking of printing my art out on a lamilabel for my TE. Don’t have the money or patience for a plexi.
Would it be okay to stick the lamilabel directly on the original art? What sort of adhesive should be used? What type of paper would you recommend it be printed on?

Much obliged!


Quick question, haven’t seen this answered yet:
I need to grind down the nubs on my new buttons to make them fit against plexiglas. I’m the clumsiest person I know, so I’d probably take off a finger if I tried to use a craft knife.
I’ve also seen recommendations to use sandpaper to get them off, and that seems relatively “safe.” Any suggestions as to what sort of grit I’d need to get the job done?


i have a HRAP3 and im plannin to use semitsu screw in buttons. is there any tips to ensure i dont dmg my plexiglass. also if i dont use some type of adhesive would the art move very easily or something?? because i might want to change the art multiple times so i wouldnt want a permanent art stuck on.


Even though this is not the place to talk about HRAPs, here’s a few things that might help you out.

Just make sure you don’t screw the Seimitsus too hard on the Plexi, and it won’t crack. Just screw them in until you feel resistance when you tighten.

Also, the art doesn’t move when it is in place. The buttons should be enough to keep it down. You can still print it on a Lami-Label, but you just don’t remove the backing for the Lami-Label, and you can swap art multiple times on the HRAP.

Hope this helps



Great guide! Quick question though.

If I order a regular sized artwork print and plexi from Art, do I need to apply adhesive to the art to stick it to the metal plate, or will the plexi hold it in place and I would only need adhesive if I were to use lamilabel instead of art/plexi?


Acrylic Panel holds the art between it and Control Panel.
Screws hold the Acrylic Panel to the Case.

Lami-label already has adhesive.
That is the “label” part of a Lami-label.


ohhh ok thanks saka for the help. and apologies for asking this question in a thread about TEs


My new S edition arrived today and I want to mod the art. So its no problem to order a extended TE art + plexi? That will fit perfectly?
Are there any difference concerning the normal TE for switching the art?


Order the full plexi instead of the extended if you want it to cover the type S like the original artwork you see on your stick. Art’s “full panel plexi” template is pretty spot on when it comes to the artwork fitting correctly.