How to add foam layer to Fightstick bottom?

After purchasing an HRAP4 Kai I fell in love with the thinly padded bottom. It’s so much easier to lap play without the rubber feet digging into your thighs, but also it prevents touching the cold metal plate.

Does anyone have an easy solution for modding a Fightstick TE-S with a similar rubber/foam/canvas/whatever bottom?

Thank you!

Completed Mod Here:

I wear pants.

This been covered over a dozen times already, use the search tool

I guess this makes it a baker’s dozen. Also, this thread shows up pretty early on Google. I imagine it’ll be pretty helpful to everyone.

To actually add to the details, I found this on Amazon but it’s too short to cover to an edge… Looks like the best option will be a roll of double sided tape (wide) and this 2mm Foam Sheet.

I’m ordering the items and will post my results if the quality is good enough.

Materials List:

Generally you don’t really need it to cover the whole buttom just where it’s resting on your thighs/lap, some stick have 2 strips and that seems good enough to not move around on your lap.

That does not count as you created the dang thread instead of Looking at the stickies, seeing one of the threads stickied there states to Read first before posting.

Oh and there is a older thread that covers the same thing

I know for a fact that there is others, I not spending the time looking for them.

What works best in tournament is to attach fishhooks to the bottom of the stick, put a toddler facedown across your lap then slam the stick into the childs back. To get the most out of the added distraction factor steal the TO’s wireless mic and pump his screams through the entire event. After 2-3 matches your opponents with a heart will DQ themselves to prevent any more trauma on this poor soul.

Have you read that post? It’s about putting a layer on the bottom to prevent the stick from sliding. It includes suggestions for rubber mats. Does that sound like my problem? Would you ever put sticky rubber on your bare leg? Do you know why they don’t put rubber on the bottom of the new TE2s? At least read before you preach.

The entire point of it being an early google search is this does way more benefit than having someone sift through comments that don’t qualify the question. Now instead of useful information with instructions someone can use, they have to sift through this trash. 128 people as of now viewed this post, probably hoping for something useful instead of this trash. If you don’t want to help here, please go help somewhere else.

If you cared so much about policing the forums from people asking common questions you should have spent your time petitioning a sticky with the information in it so it wouldn’t need to be asked.

Glue some god dammed felt on the bottom of your stick like the Qanba Q4RAF, go to the hardware store and look products there. Search foam on google and buy what you are looking for. it isn’t rocket science. As far as bitching about rubber on your skin, in your original post you type

You never specified non sticky.

There have been threads on this bored over the years on the said topic, no one found a solution other than what eTokki dot com sells. They’re based out of South Korea and the shipping is going to cost 10x more than the tape. I haven’t checked recently, but I couldn’t find anything by 3M that was similar on eBay or amazon a few years back. Maybe someone here has better keyword jujitsu than me in 2016.

You know what felt nice. The bottom of those MK9 sticks that were made. Of course I hated playing on it other than Mortal Kombat 2 and 3, but man those felt nice at the bottom.

  1. Find material you like
  2. Find spray adhesive
  3. ???

Go to michaels or hobby lobby
Buy thin foam sheet with adhesive backing
Cut and stick it on

Sorta, but looking for materials with adhesive backing limits your options. As someone with experience with upholstery, I can wholeheartedly say that spray adhesive is your friend.

that 3m anti slip pad looks like the best bet atm…

i just picked up a roll of this, just trying to determine what adhesive to use. it feels nearly identical to the foam used on the TE2s

Thanks for the input everyone. Sounds like it’s simple to replace the feet with a flat grip surface but not so common to mimick the TE2 or HRAP4.

I’ll be sure to post photos of my job after I get all the materials. They should be coming tomorrow and the work shouldn’t take long.

I think what I will end up doing is mimicking the HRAP4 with two patches of foam rubber/craft foam where your legs would typically touch. Just enough to cover the vertical height and avoid the screws. I don’t want to use grip tape (what etokki sells) because that would scratch.

The problem with a lot of the solutions I’ve detailed below. Most of my research has been to solve as many of these problems as possible. I’ve also been trying to avoid making a mistake due to the permanence of spray adhesive (or at least how badly it will leave a trace).
[] Material is not good for skin contact
] Too foamy and easily tears from friction
[] Too stiff and no longer useful for tabletop play
] Adhesive leaves edge weakness and peeling issues

It’s not worth doing if it’s not going to be better than what you got. Honestly the 2mm craft foam I picked up is likely going to be too slick for table play, but here’s hoping… Without being able to touch it, it’s starting to look like that foam that kids make fridge magnets from.

The plan is to run wide double-sided tape on all the edges and cut it with a hobby knife to make sure it really sticks to the edge. I’m assuming the edges are all I need to worry about, but I might stick a square or two in the middle to reduce friction.

Actually use Felt or simular fabric

Pick one?
Use a lining combine with feet

Seriously, use double sided carpet tape. Or a Good Spray adhesive.
If you don’t mind the fumes DAP works great.

@Darksakul is correct in regards to searching before posting.

But to answer your post, I’ve used a kitchen liner that I got from Kmart, and used a spray adhesive on the bottom plate. Works perfect imo. Cost me less than $15 from what I remember.