How to adjust for lag successfully?


What tips do you guys have to adjust for lag? It seems like certain techniques become impossible and certain styles of play at a disadvantage.

I main Viper and am really frustrated with how well certain characters can do in lag compared to me. Or at least, seemingly.


Last i checked that’s impossible. Buuuuuut usually for some reason when i’m playing a laggy match my opponent will go to their neutral corner and mash lp or lk…


I think it’s the sign for “lagging now”. then people try and wait until it stops.


Ah I see…


retreating and mashing jab is a signal for “we’re hitting a rough patch, let’s let it clear up before we keep playing.” obviously not everyone can be expected to know that but I’ve seen it a lot. it’s always a bummer when someone tries to keep playing when you’re moving at 1/4 speed. you’re walking backwards to let the lag clear, they’re jumping in with roundhouses repeatedly. silly.

I don’t think you should try to adjust to lag. if the connection or the player makes it so you can’t play a worthwhile game (as close to approximating the real offline game as possible) just don’t play them again.


Move back once move forward once . neutral jump once. duck then release duck then release. . Jab jab. then you will be adjusted thanks to your cool brain.
And differentiate between if its the lag where you have to guess before every single motion and button or the type of lag where you can there is only delay that will interrupt certain links. depending on which one that is, decide to do small combos or big combos. The first type of lag, throwing projectile is pointless, so tick throw and mash a lot it always works.



Except in ranked. Cunts want their free lag points.


A better question might be how to reduce ping