How to? advanced corner juggles

maybe I am too lazy to try, but anyone there knows really how to juggle someone in the corner like this: c.hp, chariot, chariot, headbutt… i have seen many urien players do that btw (no move is EX-ed), someone that really knows plz answer, I dont want the theory “you should charge buffer…”, but some good pointers, I think i am a good player, or at least above average so plz dont treat me as a scrub
thnx :tup:

This has been covered before in lots of other threads. It’s just holding the charge for as long as possible between moves.

c. HP, hold down and back, MK Tackle, hold down and back, MK tackle, hold down and back, Headbutt.

In the charge partitioning/buffering thread, there is some invaluable information that will help you get this down. It goes into detail about how to do it extremely fast (ie, returning the joystick to the charge position before even hitting the button) but that should help you a lot. The two tackles is the tricky part. Once you get that, the headbutts just gravy. c. HP, tackle early, tackle late.