How to Akuma? Pls Help!

First and foremost, I am brand new to SF; so if the stuff I ask seems dumb, sorry. I play MK and actually do very well online, but the execution is much more fluid and simple in MK, I’m having a LOT of trouble with SF. I haven’t ever won an online battle.

I’ve decided to main Akuma for now. He fits my play style because he’s almost like a combo of Ryu and Ken but with added slipperyness. That Teleport is a lifesaver against Zangeif/Abel!

Ok, so I’ve read in depth tutorials, I understand the mechanics of the game (combos, FADC, difference between a link and a chain, etc).

To give an idea of my execution skill level, I can execute all my normal/special moves 10x in a row, and FADC normally fine, but when I try to say… Shoryuken > FADC > Hyduken, I can’t get it to come out (I think I’m weak on the double dash into Hyduken, anyway).

A couple Akuma questions:

-If I fire a projectile, a lot of times they will jump over it and come down on me with a high HP/HK. I’ve tried to counter it but a lot of times my projectile animation hasn’t finished in time to respond. What should I do?

-Wait for Super or use EX Specials? I tend to use my EX Specials more often than my Super, not sure if I should be filling that bar or not.

-How to combo into Super/Ultra on Akuma? I typically just execute the inputs from a few steps away, I want to combo into it so they can’t block it.

-Links or advice on well buffered combos to practice on Akuma?

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I know most of this has been asked before, so if you just link me the answer that works too.

How to Akuma:

Get a sweep (or roundhouse ending in sweep)

Use a set up that results in some ambiguous or unblockable and proceed to fraud the fuck out your opponent with vortexes. If he/she tries to escape- allow the computer to select what you should do with OS. Akuma can really shut down an opponent’s wakeup options.

His super can be canceled from an overhead, is super fast. He doesn’t combo into his ultra, it’s more of a punish.

Akuma has good AA normals, not just the dp like crouch fp, stand strong I think it is when spaced right.

A basic buffer is low forward xx fireball. This isn’t always a true blockstring, but you should still use it in footsies.

I really hate how I can do 20 of my specials in a row in training but as soon as I go online NONE OF THEM EVER COME OUT. I am seriously going to snap my stick off the panel the next time I execute that shit 5x in a row and it wont bloody come out. It’s losing fights.

Repeat every combo you have trouble with all the time until you get used to them / can do them more consistent.
You won’t be able to hit the 1 frame links from 1 day to another. It takes quite a while until you are more consistent with them.
Spacing is the key of not getting hit by jp. HK. So don’t shoot fireballs from an unsafe position.
Keep playing vs ppl on your lvl until you get better then vs better players etc.

LK = Light Kick
LP = Light Punch
MK = Medium Kick
MP = Medium Punch
HK = Heavy Kick
HP = Heavy Punch

-If they’re jumping over your fireballs and landing on you with an attack, you probably fired the fireball too close to them. Another possibility is that they expected you to fireball and jumped preemptively. Every fireball within their jump range is a risk if they predict it. One thing you can do is do the quarter circle forward but press light kick. If the opponent was looking for movement (what they think is a fireball) they’re going to jump and then you have an easy anti-air with either shoryuken or crouching heavy punch.
-Think of the super as a zangeif grab IF you activate it point blank. They can’t jump out or do anything to stop it if you’re really close, about within throw range. The most common setup for super is to cancel it out of his overhead (forward+medium punch) because they’ll be expecting to block. This is performed by doing (towards+LP+MP)->(LP)->(towards+LK)->(HP). If done properly Akuma will start the overhead and then just cancel into super BEFORE he hits them. If you’re playing an opponent that doesn’t really like to stand still for very long this is going to be a lot more difficult to land. His EX specials (namely air fireball) are pretty good so I’d suggest using those almost all the time rather than waiting for super.
-There’s only one way to combo into Super or Ultra 1 because they’re grabs. (Focus Attack)->(Dash)->(Super/Ultra). The tricky part is you have to buffer the entire demon during the dash, otherwise you’ll hit them out of the crumple and you can no longer get a free demon. Other than that, it is impossible to combo into. Ultra 1 is essentially just for punishes. It’s kinda a good anti-air, but you have to use a trick. Remember how Akuma can cancel his overhead into demon before it hits? He can cancel any of his normals into super/ultra even if they don’t hit. Let’s say someone’s jumping at you, and you have ultra 1. You can do a crouching heavy/medium kick, input the Ultra, and their attack will go through your face and they’ll get grabbed. This looks like (crouchingHK+LP)->(LP)->(towards+LK)->(HK). This works because the Ultra has just a tad of invincibility, enough to ignore the jumping attack. This WILL NOT WORK with Super. Ultra 2 is a weird thing. You can cancel it out of his teleport but I’m not sure if you can cancel it out of his normals. It also whiffs on a lot of characters if their hurtbox is low to the ground. On mid-large characters you can do (HP)->(Teleport with all kicks)->(QUICKLY mash the hell out of up + all kicks). It’s fine if you don’t see the teleport or he only teleported for a second as long as it still combo-ed.
-For go-to combos, there’s always crouching MK into fireball. Off of a jump-in attack, HP into fireball is guaranteed. HP into light hurricane kick will miss if they’re crouching.
-This is 3 years old now, but this tutorial series will probably help. He talks about nearly everything about Akuma in depth:

heres how u can start: close this thread and post it in the Akuma forum

U are focussing too much on combos, like a lot of beginners naturally do, these are not crucial to win with akuma. What you need is a hard knockdown (cant be teched), out of a throw or a sweep (like mentioned by shadoloodoll), which opens up the vortex game!! Akuma has a lot of safe! ambigious options after a hard knockdown, paired with option selects (ultra! etc.), there isnt much your opponent can do, this is why akuma is perhaps the best character in the game (top 3 for sure). If you know his options after a hard knockdown, and if you can score this knockdown, you will do very fine against much better opponents, because his follow up is safe for you and hard to manage for your opponent.
You can learn flashy combos after this.

DUDE U NEED TO FOCUS ON FUNDAMENTALS, FOOTSIES, AND ZONING. I CANT STRESS THIS ENUFF. if id known about them when i first started i wood b so much better than i am today

Been trying, most online matches I get in are with B+s or better and they literally don’t give me a chance to do anything. I may get a few specials off but for the most part once they get ahold of me they take half my life with an unblockable chain/combo. I spend a lot of time just trying to Teleport dodge out of certain death.

You really need to know how to block. A crossup isn’t an unblockable (there arent that many unblockables in the game, you dont run that often in players who can do them, and its quit easy to screw them up, so I guess you just lose to some kind of ambigious jump ins and safe jumps, just learn how to block, just play more), against real unblockables u have backdash, focus absorb backdash, dp, teleport etc. Just play more and focus on fundamentals. Your question “I shot a fireball, my opponents jumps over them and punish me with, what can I do” tells me all I need to know :wink: . Dont throw them mindlessly, you have to look for the right spacing, and timing, you can bait out a jump wirth just doing s.lp or stuff like that and punish the jump with dp or cr.hp.

First of all learn a defense, this is universal. I really like to refer to MingoDynastys Guide whenever people come up and ask how to learn a defense and offense maybe because I followed it when I started playing street fighter 4. I will quotes his defense and offense part here

Link to the thread:

With Akuma you can either do fireballs instead of tsumujis or end with a safe normal on block walkup and repeat
Like for example: cr.lp cr.lp > (frametrap) if connects fireball and if it doesnt walk up and either throw or add another to frametrap your opponent.
Once you have learned how to have a non autopilot offense and defense and how to get an easy max punish from a blocked specials (blocked reversals, ultras etc) you can start learning your mixups for each knockdown

Don’t throw the fireball.

Akuma’s most reliable combos are into ex tatsu and ex Hadouken.

Only way to combo into Akuma’s U1 is off a focus crumple. You can anti-air with it, cancelling a into it to low profile underneath their move and then get a guaranteed grab. You can punish stuff like Blanka’s horizontal ball with reversal Demon. You can combo into it if you do a level 2 focus off a fireball, but don’t do that.

Akuma’s Super is a grab that cannot be jumped if you execute it from close enough. Akuma’s U1 can be jumped on reaction.

Akuma can cancel mediums and heavies into teleports, and then immediately cancel those teleports into U2.

“Well buffered” is ambiguous. xx cr.lp xx xx EX Hadouken is a good simple BnB off a random hit. is a link. If they’re standing (only standing!), cr.lp xx lk tatsu -> hp SRK/sweep is a good BnB. Or xx cr.lp xx s.lp

Good combos to practice, all involving links:

far hk, xx tatsu
far lp,,
Counterhit, far hk
Dive kick -> cr.lp -> s.hp xx lk tatsu (Demon Flip dive kick forces stand)

Combo off a focus crumple:, cl.hp xx lk tatsu, sweep/hp SRK.

Yeah, I looked at some video tutorials on it. They said practice doing VS rounds against CPU and just block until timer runs out… I usually die when it’s on Medium/Easy.

It’s not about not understanding how, it’s about predicting whether to high or low block, or that I let up on the block to do my hit and before my hit lands, they hit me again.

CPU doesn’t really help you understand how to block mixups. The CPU cheats and has no good patterns to read. It intentionally does lows the second you stand up, etcetera. CPU is useful for learning what moves can beat what and to practice punishing, but really not much else. However, it is very good at practicing punishing and learning footsies.