How to APPLY frame data..?

I see soooo many things about frames. The game is all about frames. Frames frames frames.
Everyone talks about them. But how do I apply the frame information? Knowing the amount of frames is absolutely useless if you don’t know how to use the data to find something. But I’m not sure how. Why do I need to know that Makoto’s s. HK has 8 startup frames? Why do I need to know that her f. LP has 7 recovery frames? What am I supposed to do with this information? I see so much frame data with so much potential, but I’m not sure how to actually apply it. Am I able to use math to calculate a safe jump from a DP with the frame data? If so… how? What would be an example?
Please explain… once I have the frame information… what am I supposed to do with it?

#1: You can get an idea for what combos into what this way, and how easy the link is (an attack is +5 on block, another attack has 4f startup = You can combo this, and it’s a 2f link)
#2: You get to see what can punish what (an attack is -4 on block, your reversal has 4f startup = you can reversal and punish it; your blockstring ender is -2, his fastest attack has 3f startup = it’s unpunisheable)
#3: You can guess which normals are going to be useful pokes / easily to meaty with (4 active frames = easy to use)
#4: You can differentiate between moves which are always relatively safe and moves which are only safe on hit/block, but not on whiff (5f blockstun and 5f recovery = pretty safe on whiff, 20f blockstun and 20f recovery = still 0 on block but hilariously easy to punish on whiff)
#5: You see which moves are chain-, which are specialcancel-, and which supercancelable (there’s an extra row for that)
#6: You can see which combo is a true blockstring and which isn’t (Rose c.MP has 14f recovery and is -3 on block, so it got 11f blockstun; l/m/h.Spiral got 12/15/16 startup respectively = c.MP xx Spiral is never a true blockstring but got a 1/4/5f gap)
etc etc etc

Of course this is never an end-all means to anything; pushback can mean that normals which would theoretically link into each other don’t actually combo because a later normal whiffs, punishes may not actually work because the opponent is out of range, high startup normals which theoretically would be terrible terrible (eg Juri s.f.HK with 15f startup) may actually be useable because they got loooooooong range and as such you get rarely CHd out of them, etc.

TL;DR Frame Data helps with pretty much everything in the game and often can cut down the lab time you need (eg when searching for a punish, rather than trying out every normal and every special move you can just see which can theoretically punish it, cut away the ones where you know that they have miniscule range and then try out the 3 leftover moves), but always has to be doublechecked ingame to make sure it actually works (if alone because it’s not up to date~)