How to apply wake up pressure?

Originally, I was thinking of just asking about how to apply good pressure from a hard knockdown on the shotos (Ryu et al with their infernal 3f shoryukens), but then I realised my pressure all round is pretty crap anyway. As far as I know, there is no way to safe jump a 3f reversal, so I tend to back off and lose the advantage of the situation :(.

Ok, so here is what I’m currently doing (not necessarily very well either):

  1. **Try to set up an ambiguous cross-up - **I’m not doing it very well as more often than not, the opponent blocks the correct way. How are you supposed to do it again? I thought it was a small step back and maybe throw in a st.LP to distract/throw them off.

  2. Bait out a reversal with a FA or safe jump - How do you his safe jump?

  3. Do a meaty attack - I really need to work on this as it’s not working out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone really do wake up meaties these days, maybe for good reason?

  4. Neutral jump HK to bait the throw tech

  5. Bait a reversal with jump AJK to avoid it, then punish

So, is there anything I’ve missed?

Bait a reversal with a fake meaty, meaning you throw out the attack early enough so that you block it as the opponent will think they can punish it in time. Also, just walk up and throw. Even if they tech it, they’ll be aware that you are willing to go for that, and that will allow you to bait out techs. They’ll be less inclined to do so if you don’t even try to go for it.

2nd, don’t stress too much over wake up pressure. Matches are won in the neutral game more than anything else.

You can make the dp whiff with good timing go to training mode and experiment with back throw and find a setup that is comfortable with you