How to Approach Match-Up Training

What steps did you guys take when learning how to deal with a specific matchup? What matchup’s would you recommend one train for first, in general and for Cammy specifically? Or is it better to just deal with matchup problems when they present themselves?

Well I’m pretty new to fighting game but I think it’s better to play the matchup first then if you got problem with it go read what to do. If you wanna learn a specific matchup first then read on ryu since it’s most likely the one you will be fighting the most.

Wat spirit said is true play the match up first. I generally try to find someone who is gd at using the character i suck against then try to play a set against them and ask them certain questions. Search the forums for tips about those match ups will also help. For Cammy I would learn Balrog, Guile, DJ and maybe Bison everyone is different so u will probably have a few match ups that aren’t considered hard but u have problems with.

The Ryu matchup is always the best starting point for any character.  He’s got lots of options and Capcom tends to balance their characters against Ryu first.  Once you have Ryu down, you probably have a basis for your character to work with other characters.<br><br>Also, if you ever figure out the Deejay matchup, let me know.<br>

local scenes can help too and the benefit is you usually get more level headed people than you would online. If you don’t have a big local scene and you have issues with a character you can create an endless lobby specifying which character you’d like to match up against. You just need to hope that the people you play are cool enough to help you out. some aren’t unfortunately.