How to approach the Thor matchup with Wolverine?



I wanted to post in this thread to get opinions from Thor players, how do you deal with L Mighty Spark spam I know your supposed to duck it but he has Mighty Strike for keepaway.


You can slowly approach by dashing and ducking the sparks, keep doing that until you’re in range for a berserker slash then do a B slash backed up by a good assist. You could also SJ + dive kick when you’re in that range, just make sure that its a SJ followed by a quick dive kick, dont do the fullscreen SJ + divekick that most players do online because it will give thor more than enough time to AA you with mighty strike.


Thanks gonna have to work on the matchup Thors zoning so GDLK his beams come so fast


Not really. Thor zoning is perhaps the most pitiful thing in the world to be quite honest. It’s not his strong suit at all. Beam spam from him is something that can easily be gotten around. You approach him just like any other character that’s beam spamming, except it’s even easier since crouching allows you to completely avoid the beam.


might be wrong but i think you can slide to inch in and when the beam is over and you should be able to mix him up from there


You can slide in when the beam is out. Mighty Spark is not a good zoning tool at all. As a Thor player, you should only use it when you’re trying to bait something out. Literally every character in the cast can do something relatively simple to get around it.


Well, just to be a little contrarian, Mighty Spark is indeed an amazing zoning tool against fatties who can’t crouch under it.

That said, Wolverine does not fall into that category :rofl:.


You can even punish sJ dive kicks with the mighty spark m and super cancel into the mighty thunder

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