How to Approach?

yo guys so im coming to ssf4 from super smash bros melee…im finding it hard to rush people down because i cant move as fast in ssf4 as i can in melee.anybody got any tips on how to approach?

depends on who you use. This game is a lot more defensive than melee I used to play it too. You might not like how defensive SSF4 is. Anyway Jumping is not really a good thing to do unless your sure your going to land safe and not get anti air’d. Who do you use? and who do you have trouble approaching?Also walking and blocking are one of the best ways to approach I always stay alittle bit outside of your opponents range so they cant hit you but if they try you are close enough so you can punish them when they miss.

yeah some of the mechanics of the game are a little weird to me.i’ve been playing rufus but im trying to learn seth right now.for the most part i get the most success out of kinda sitting back and using his fierce moves because i dont really know how to start up combos aside from the headstomp one in the corner

To get past fireballs early, what you can do is anticipation focus dash to them in mid-close range. If you do a reaction focus dash, they can react to you doing that in some form or another.

With seth you can get in by crossing up or fake cross up with the dive kick. you can start throwing fireballs from afar, and check to see if they throw a fireball as a reaction to your fireball or if they throw their fireball in anticipation to your fireball because if they do the latter, I think you can teleport and punish accordingly. The guy moves pretty slow and his poke game revolves around his s.hp and j.hp. he has decent pokes, but they won’t scare a guy in ranges that are in the s.hp/j.hp area.

You can also wall jump towards your opponent.

Or you can lame it out, get a small lead, play clock, have a guy feel pressured to come to you. Once you get a knockdown, start your seth shenanigans cause he has a lot.

For rufus, you can delay your dive kicks to smack some anti-airs. You can do fake jump ins. Jump in a way that if you commited to a full jump, you will get a dive kick on them, but just do an empty dive kick, sort of an instant air dive kick (you might not want to IA dive kick because you want to make your opponent twitch).

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