How to assemble a JLW-TM-8?


I ordered one of these and out of pure excitement I took it apart without taking into account how to assemble it… which was very, very stupid, to say the least.

Where can I find an assembly guide for one of these? Thanks.



by assembly, do you mean putting the ball top on the thing or do you mean putting the chips on the silicone type of assembly.

i have seen some stuff on youtube but would need to know where you are putting it into. modding a sf4 fight stick or custom built?


Well I know how to put on the ball top and the dust washer, that’s not really an issue. It was actually more of in which order the spring, actuator and the pivot went. I am putting it into a SF anniversary stick. I know I did something wrong because the stick is really loose compared to how it felt when I first got it.


I think this is what you’re looking for.


i cant imagine it is insanely different then this, but check the mod video, it should help you out.


@ FreezerB: Thanks, I had already checked out slagcoin and it made some sense.

@ nabokovfan87: Very nice, i think I might have found the issue. I will fix it tomorrow morning though.


Hello, I had some free time during breakfast and thought Id help out a bit, hope it works out for you (and for people with questions like this in the future):


ok, it is a little different. learning so much i need to plug my ears and keep it all in!