How to attend and participate to EVO2014?



I would love to attend to the tournament, and I was planning to do so, but I just found all this information about seeding and now I’m not so sure that I can participate anymore, do I need to participate in other tournaments to win seed points to participate at EVO2014? or I can just show up and have my ass kicked by all the pros? I’m from México and as far as I know there is only one tournament of this type here (and the place is not even close to anything).

I’m sorry if this is a very basic question but I was not able to find this information on the forums, so that’s the question,

what do I need to participate at Evo?



You don’t need to participate/obtain seeds points at earlier tournaments to participate in the EVO tournament…you can still sign up for the event.

Here’s their FAQ:


Glad to hear!

Thanks a lot Geese Pants!