How to avoid auto correct dp's


I would do cross up on shoto’s character they would just do dp and i keep getting hit. how do i avoid this or play around it


Safe jumps, are the only way I think. I’m not sure if meaty attacks are subject to reversal.


wat is a meaty attack? i hear people say it but i dont understand wat it mean


meaty is when you time your attack to meet the start-up frames of your opponents attack. this way you can squelch an anti-air or sometimes a shoryu. it takes alot of practice to time it right and usually involves an attack with a larger hitbox like a hp or tatsu. alot of character’s dp’s shift their hurtbox slightly to the left so you miss an attack that would’ve connected if the player was crouching normally. this really annoys me when i play against characters like deejay. try timing it in training mode with a friend, it helps to do a hard knockdown before attempting.


In general, meaty attacks are always subject to reversals. If your opponent is reversal happy, it’s usually best to pretend like you’re going to be doing a meaty, bait it out, and punish.

If you keep getting hit by uppercuts, simply don’t jump on them. There are certain characters utilizing specific setups that are designed to counter uppercuts by making them whiff, or safe jumping them in order to allow you to attack safely, but they’re a rather advanced technique to utilize.

I’d recommend feeling comfortable NOT having to jump all the time. Learn to play a stronger ground game.


There are certain setups that are un-autocorrectable. The make reversal timer reversals wiff. Also late non-reversal autocorrected reversals either wiff or get stuffed. check your character forums and ask for setups as they are char specific and reversal specific.


Safe jump option
You do a safe jump that would work against sagat or seth, but since they have 5 frame dp’s and you want to beat a three frame dp, you have to not attack. When you land from not attacking, you still have 4 recovery frames, but you can cancel the last 2 into a special attack (ex, super and ultra also) or a block. Empty jump block will cause you to block the reversal dp, but if they wake up throw you will get thrown. The most common empty safe jump is empty safe jump block delayed crouch tech. The delayed throw tech is timed to come out when you should be in block stun from the dp, that way, if grabed, which is also 3 frames, you will hopefully tech within your 7 frame grace period. If they wake up attack you should get away with a block. When you bait a 3 frame reversal, you have to punish it hard to discourage the use of it. If you are sure that the opponent will not dp anymore, go ahead and start attacking during the safe jump. Remember, its a coin flip, either you don’t attack and are safe from the dp or you attack and they can dp.

Cross up option
You have to jump so that you are crossing up at the same time that your opponent reversals a dp (that way they go the wrong way). The hard part is eliminating the auto correct. Auto correct works by inputting the motion, but delaying the button press until the jumper is already crossed up. You want to eliminate the ability to delay the attack by using a meaty jump in. You can’t attack if you are already in block stun and you can only reversal a meaty attack. Basically you combine a safe cross up with a meaty cross up which is incredibly precise. You have to account for crossing up while the opponent is crouched since a dp starts at crouch height. Here is the problem with this: you can’t cross up if you do this. Basically, if you prove to me that you can perform this, I will just stand block and you won’t mix me up. Once you get this timing down, you will have to realize when your opponent has decided to respect you. At that point, you can start augmenting your jump so that even though it looks similar, you are actually doing an unsafe version that crosses up. Remember, if they go back to doing dp’s you will get hit unless you give up your mix up opportunity to perform the safe jump version that only crosses up when they reversal dp you.


Meaty attacks can be relevant in SF4 but are less so due to most attacks having low active frames (the frames during which the attack can actually hurt someone).

The simplest, and easiest way to explain and use it is during someones wake up. You attack with a move while the person is in the act of getting up. You time the attack so that when they do stand up, they stand up into the attack. On the first frame they have control of their character, there is already an active attack on screen.

Frame advantage (and disadvantage) is calculated with the assumption that you hit on the first active frame. For example, Gouken’s overhead is +2 on hit. It also has 4 active frames.

If we are both standing next to each other, doing nothing, and I do overhead, it will hit you (on the first active frame) and leave me at +2. I can’t follow up with anything.

If I sweep you first and then do overhead, I can time it so that you stand up INTO my overhead while it is already active. In this case, if I hit on active frame 2, I will now be +3 on hit and can link my super. If I hit on active frame 3, I’ll be +4 and can link a cr.lp

Some of these may be outdated: