How to Avoid *Mirror* Matches


Let’s say you set up a lobby in endless, and you want to be the only person in the room using a specific character. How do you let other players know that you’re not interested in mirror matches?


Say “I’m picking x. Can you pick somebody else? I don’t want to do mirror matches.” or “Which character are you going to pick? I don’t want to do mirror matches.”


There’s a room setting you change to where the lobby will say “I only play XXXXXXX” Where XXXXXXXXXX = your character. If someone comes in playing the character listed, you can kick them.


If you’re using Dan, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, E.Ryu, and maybe even Oni, its going to happen.

If you mean how to avoid someone picking “your” character and wanting to ditto you to prove a point or something then just quit. They’re paying to play the game too.

I remember starting out with Dudley in SSF4 and not having any links and always, and I mean ALWAYS, confirmed into LP machinegun blow. Some guy bopped me with his main and then with Dudley with real combos. Things were never the same after that.


I love when people troll like that and I end up winning. Just because I’m not doing max damage combos doesn’t mean I don’t know my own damn character.


Pick Fuerte or Viper, I can guarantee you mirror matches are rarely going to happen.


I main Akuma yet I see very few Akuma players online, I see a hell of a lot of Ken players though.


Accidentally posted this in the ken boosting thread (lol) so I thought I would post it here.

How to avoid mirror matches:

Step 1: You can’t.
Step 2: Relax.


Step 3: You can’t relax.


rage quit


get on the mic


name your lobby “i only play x”, make sure the character you’re playing is a counter pick to x


Yep. Been known to be online with my bro. Picking Fuerte is one of the easiest ways to clear a lobby without kicking.

Ditto for homebrew divekick matches (Yun/Yun, divekicks and ultras only, Zangief/Zangief - h.P and ultras only)… good sports will play a round or two before they disappear though.


When it comes to online use rate I don’t see these characters much.

Chun Li
Fei Long

I’ve seen a handful of Dan users. They typically just spam those kicks, go for a grab and throw in random uppercuts.


Focus breaker irl, glass shatters.


Step 4: You can break those cuffs.