How to avoid the KKZ (hopefully)

Hey, a small but sometimes useful trick I discovered a couple of days ago while killing time playing online.

I was Chun and my opponent were playing Gouki.
We were both on low health and he had me knocked down in the corner, he does a KKZ timed to hit me meaty on wakeup, which pretty much is death with low life as you might be familiar with. I figure why not and instantly hits reversal SA2 on my wakeup, to our amazement I manage to avoid the super and hit him out of the KKZ (which I thought was pretty much impossible, being the super with probably most invul. frames in the game).

We figured that my super had avoided the “lightning” and then hit him out of the super since Chun attacks constantly for several frames which would allow her to stuff him just when his invul. frames ends and therefore before the purple waves hit me. This could ofcourse be adapted to other supers with startup invul. frames, but hers probably works easiest since she has the constant attacking. This is possible since the lightning only has a few active frames, if he times it to hit just after a meaty you probably have to follow suit, which would be impossible, just take the gamble and hit it reversal I’d say.

I havent seen or heard anything about avoiding this super while looking for it, please pardon me if I made a mistake in making this thread.

awesome find! i wanna test this out b/c i’ve definitely been in kkz situations before and wanted a better answer for them. if this is consistent :tup:

Good shit, most top tiers know this though, when you watch SBO '08, you will see a match with kuroda in the finals, he could have KKZ’d but the chun would reversal super out, then again, he could have done a lot of things but he didnt :stuck_out_tongue: silly bastid!