How to be focused, calm, and not pressured at tournaments

So I participated at Columbus bar battles last Saturday, my first tournament. Now I knew going in I was going to get rocked, but I felt the experience would help me grow as a player. Now I understand why people saying online is nothing like a tourny.

I went 1-2, surprised that I won a match and that helped build my confidence a little bit. But man I was nervous as hell. I didn’t land a single BnB and my reactions went down the shitter. My hands were literally smashing the buttons everytime I pressed one.

So how do the rest of you guys handle tournys? How did you act at the first one you attended? Do you get the same way while playing or do you try to take it easy and not take things to seriously? I think next time I go to one i wont be as nervous and stay more calm since I will be less excited since this was my first and was kinda enjoying just being there.

It just takes experience. Eventually you won’t be so nervous.

I sometimes still get nervous when I have to play “for real”. I’ll drop links and go for stuff like throw punishes. But, I can say that I’m much better than I used to be when in that situation.

Ranked matches online help me personally. They give you practice in trying to adapt to a completely random opponent in a short period of time. Online you only get 3 rounds at the most to figure out your opponent and win. Offline you probably might have to play more skilled opponents, but you get 2/3 game sets to figure them out and win. In the end it just comes down to how well you practice for the tournaments. And don’t go in thinking that you’ll lose. Go in expecting that you prepared more than your opponent for the tournament.

Play offline in high pressure scenarios. Most cities run ranbats, which are a great way to get used to having people watch, and judge your every move in matches. It simulates most of the pressure, but isn’t as high stakes or as rare as tournaments for the most part.

Edit: This puts it much better than I did. Get yourself into the field. Pressure wears off over time.