How to be offensive with Ryu




I play this game for a week now and while I steadily feel like I progress there is something that i feel hasnt changed since the day i started.
I cant seem to be the one attacking !

I try to punish mistakes i poke with and fireballs and i happen to win some games now when ppl dont take me srs :stuck_out_tongue: !!! I can execute the bnb combos when i get the chance


im never the guys going into their face and comboing away … i just dont know how to get close enough without taking a fist to the kisser !!

can someone help me ?


I’m pretty noob too so this is just what I have observed and concluded on while playing Ryu…

One of Ryu’s greatest tools is that he can FADC out of his fireball. Play footsies and whenever you have the meter (you often will have the meter because fireballs are a nice way to charge up Ryu’s meter) and you land a Cr. MK xx Fireball, FADC that shit into a Cr. HP xx Tatsu or Cr. HP xx Shoryuken (or xx Shoryuken FADC Ultra 1 if you can). Even on block Ryu’s FADC fireball strings can pour on some pressure.

Ryu isn’t really combo based anyway from what I know, you have to play solid fundamentals. Good footsies, solid anti-airing, knowing when to throw fireballs, those will all help you.

Also Ryu has a number of relatively easy way to use Cr. HP xx Tatsu, so use that to push the enemy in the corner as much as you can. And don’t let them out (don’t attempt cross up or anything when enemy is in corner).

That’s all I can say for now… I’m still learning too


I see,

I knew he wasnt combo based watching umehara but even he sometimes pulls off a combo and i just never find a way to do so.
Guess ill have to learn how to fadc properly then and maybe then ill have an opportunity or two to do so :slight_smile: thx … lucky i started to practice srk fadc ultra 1 today :wink:


with FADC Ryu has some cool combo set ups :slight_smile:

Also learn the timings for links, any light attack linked to a Cr. HP can lead to damage, as well as a light punch linked to a sweep. Its not big damage but combos can start off links. Ryu’s aren’t hard to learn so go practice :smiley:


With Ryu, you’re mostly committed to using fundamentals to win. So when you want to go in and take risks, they’ll likely look more like:

  • c.LK/c.LPs into stuff with stuff being like walking forward and throwing, delayed normals or specials, or a dash
  • Umehara has proven that dash into DP is still effective as well, so if you want to take a lot of risk and bulldog in, it’s definitely an option

With that aside, do note that Ryu has ways to maintain momentum. While his vortex is weak, it’s not non-existent and it can give you the upper hand in some trades. That nice crossup air tatsu to setups like back+throw > dash twice > tatsu crossup on wakeup are useful–just don’t use it too often or give up too much advantage for the situation you’re already putting your opponent in.