How to be social and make friends (no e-friends)

you’re not supposed to give him a real answer

just do whatever you feel like doing or think of doing. if the alchemical law of equivalent exchange is true no matter what choices you make you’ll end up equally happy or sad. that’s my insane delusion that i contribute to this thread. you’re welcome.

take a lot of pictures with famous people wether you know them or not and plaster them all over your facebook

Or women.

And claim that you slept with Them All.

Oh, wait…

sounds like you are spiralling towards depression. Seek a councillor

Angel - I was kind of giggling from ur post. I don’t cross dress nor am I gay but I been mistaken as a girl recently. Couple times actually even by the people I know which was really awkward.

Anyways, I guess I should ask u guys like how do u guys get out there? I shouldn’t have put myself out there but watever. What’s ur experiences? What are the experiences u guys went through to meet the people u like? I’m not depressed. It sounds like it but I’m pretty calm type of person.

Dress ambiguously and ask for donations to take pictures at SBO.

post pics now

  1. See the good in life maaan! think of it like working out. At first its gonna be hard but remember the pleasure you got from lookin at something stupid and laughing for hours :smiley:

  2. Be respectful- Even if people are stupid, you are friends with them, so yea, just say stuff like," “i never saw it from that point” or even, You a fool nigga :smiley:

  3. Its hard to find “friends” if your going to school, gaming, working out, or just have a life filled with shyt!
    Friends are fun and all…
    Most of the time if Im not going out with my friends (LOL, like a party or something fags) Then I end up thinking, shyyyt, COD sounds nice brah!

PapaR ain’t going to like this post much.

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You can also tell them you’re Vin Diesel…

I’m not doing it for me

I’m doing it for the community


God bless you Sleazoid, you’re a credit to the community!

Anyway, I’m probably way off, but maybe you’re holding others to an impossible standard. Possibly a standard that you wouldn’t even live up to yourself.
You know how they’ll say “you have to high standards!” to someone who can’t find a mate? I propose that this phenomenon may not be limited to relationships of the romantic type.
I dunno. If you feel desperate like you’ve got nothing to lose, then just try all kinds of crazy stuff. You know, anything. Get involved with stuff at random, something or some people ought to click with you. Go out there and get your cutie mark.

You need to figure out what you want and not be lazy.

You want to be accepted in social circles and happy again then learn how to deal with some bullshit and accept it.
You don’t want to deal with the bullshit in social circles then keep moving on until you find a circle without the bullshit.

You have people around you who remember your birthday and want to celebrate it with you but you treat that like it’s some fake ass shit. That’s really unappreciative of you. I would be very happy if I had people like that. I don’t get the sense that you give things a fair shot with your quitting on people who are trying and quitting on sports, health, art, etc.

Personally, I elected to drop out of social circles with bullshit. My preference is to be alone until I find people who I don’t have to compromise myself to be with. And no, my standards are not high. I only ask to be treated fairly but it has not worked out that way to date. I just haven’t met the right people. I feel alone but that’s the path I willingly chose and I deal with it. Of course, I want to be in relationships but by no way does it take away from me if I am not in one. I can still enjoy my hobbies with or without friends. I am still social except it’s no longer about friendships. I am social with people because I want to know about people and I enjoy their company. If I don’t, then I remove myself from the spot. No problem. Life goes on.

Hope you figure things out for yourself, OP. Good for you for asking for help. Things around you don’t seem so bad and I hope you can see that. You just need to have a better handle on yourself, that’s all. Just don’t hermit yourself or ever think that you are better than others.

Friends are overrated. Just dress nice and have expensive things and people will treat you better.

If you try hard and post clever ,one day you may be immortalized in the pantheon of SRK personalities. Thats like having friends, but better because you dont have to be around them.

What you need to do is whip yo dangalang out and smack em wit it…

Then they will know you mean business…

Yeah this is so true, also i only like part-time friends…Last thing you want is some mofo coming over everyday eating all your damn food or them talking about their problems…

That’s why i like SRK-GD they are part time friends to me, i can talk to them but their ass cant come over, its like a long distant relationship but a good kind…

this is a better answer than you probably realize… geez. whenever I wear any kind of formal wear, legs open wide. I remember there was one chick moaning to herself about how good I looked in it. I had no idea. I hate those clothes.

I think I had this happen to me but on a smaller scale. The thing that saved me was finding gamers who are more rounded as people. It’s not something I did on purpose, it kinda just happened. As far as the other interests you mentioned, I worry about the same thing. I’m probably not much better then the friends you mentioned but I think about the day I can’t ball any more, mostly because it’s a sign of gettin old. You should think about the other interests you have and try to find social events linked to them and just go when you can. When you go just network through the people you meet…