How to beast on akuma whit ken

I noticed something that might be helpful against a spinning kick crazy akuma.

I was playing JR and me being the little old schooler at heart, chose not to guess at every other attack sooooooooo…I kept blocking his low forawrd xx forward/roundhouse spinning kick and red parried the last kick most of the time, but then I played a few more games against him and noticed that after two hits from each the spinning kicks he misses and you have an opening for a blue parry. So I have been using this lately with almost 100% accuracy meaning, it might be a really really really good tactic to use against akuma. Not that we need anymore tactics for akuma, but when you’re up against someone as good as JR you need new ways to get a hit in.

The reaso0n I posted this was to see if someone could try it out and make sure it isn’t just me. I don’t have a good camera or a nice setup or anything like that but I made a quick digital cam video to show you guys what I mean.

I don’t know if this has been explored before but if it hasn’t I’m glad to have been the first to pioneer into the easy defeat of a shitty akuma spinning kick spammer.

JR Rodriguez sucks everyone.

I guess the only thing left to say is excuse the first attempt I’m playing on a 360 pad. oh yeah and I just moved here so don’t think everything is always so ghetto. Happy findings all.

if none of this made any sense I apologize for not proof reading but I was hungry.

and lastly, yes ladies, I am single.

just to let you know, if akuma does lowforward/hurricane from max range you’re only going to stand and parry once against the rh hurricane.

have you tried it with other characters? this sounds like something that would be really character-specific.

i figured it might have been character specific so I posted in this specific characters forum.

as for the distance problem, yeah I realize that it would only be one or just too far to really retaliate accordingly, but I only post this to the people that would know when and when not to to act on akuma’s spinning kick. If you can’t tell yet, then stick to blocking and reversaling after the kick instead of during.

this is just something to add to your repertoire not to completely change your game around to fit this one little tidbit.

I know it works for all shotos and medium sized characters. Large characters still have to red parry or wait til the end, and small characters like chun li, ibuki, and oro can just crouch and get at em once he’s hit the ground.

thanks for the input though you guys, I really appreciate it. No homo.

I’d like to know more about beating hurricane spam akumas. This is a great find. Is there anything you can use to beat one that spams it in the air? I usually use j.fp, but it’s usually in akuma’s favor.

jump hurricane kicks…I usually just try to parry or wait them out on the ground and capitalize with a cr. Fierce, but I’ll look around to see what I can find in terms of air to air.


air ex hurricane destroys akuma


hahaha I saw that shit too when I was looking at my own video.

you should crouch after the 2nd/3rd hit of the tatsumaki, then stand up and normal parry or just reversal the last hit…

I dont really remember after what kick you should crouch, I play akuma so I am often on the other side of the match

i barely started playing this game so im new to it… ken scrub lol:lol: . anyways whats a normal parry and how do u do that?? whats reversal as well and that too i would like to know how to do… :sweat:

Don’t fool yourself. JR pwns you and so do I.

Here’s a question:

What can Ken do against jump back fb’s or wakeup hurricanes?


Get eff’d in the A.

super jump EX tatsu is good. been hit many times with it.

standing str. > Fierce or st. Fierce xx uppercut xx super does more damage than low forward to super. Parrying the back hit will let akuma get far enough away to only allow for a low forward into super.

normal parry is tapping forward or down at the moment of an attacks impact. Not applicable with grabs. A reversal is throwing out an attack during the animation of one of theirs. Like if I do cr. roundhouse and you block, while ken is retracting his leg, you can throw out a low forward xx super as long as I’m not too far. You could also “reversal” with a cr. roundhouse. I’ll make a video to show you later.

I was making a serious post and here you come and ruin this entire game for me. I fucking hate you and wish you die. see ya friday cutie.

yeah it is good, but he was just making a joke. he knows I rape him and I never said I rape JR, I just go even with him in casuals. I’ve yet to go up against him in tournament.

so what the hell does a normal parry do then if all it is, is tapping forward at the point of impact. doesnt that let go of ur blocking? i need some help with my ken what advice do u guys have for playing with him? and can u explain the whole parry thing more, like the red parry, blue parry, and all this stuff about parrying?? it would be very helpful and most appreciated thanx :sweat:

well the difference is that usually you’d have to red parry to get a hit in during akuma’s spinning kick. A red parry occurs when you block an attack that is usually more than one hit. Roundhouse spinning kick is usually 5 hits from up close, which is where an akuma player will usually use it. if you block it, you have to block all 5 hits, letting go of block will more than likely end up in you on the floor, but if timed right you can pull out of block stun and parry, the upcoming attack. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, and if you DO do it right, you’ll get a red parry. The parry won’t stop the rest of the kicks, but it’ll still give you some time throw out an attack to take them out of their attack animation and back to neutral or you’ll knock them down depending on the attack of your choice.

In case parries make no sense at all to you, just like it was with me when I started playing, a parry is just deflecting an opponents attack and using their “flinch” time to throw out an attack of your own. The same way though, a parry “bait” can be used to fool a defender into a false sense of security and be followed up with a high priority attack or super.

ex: I knock you down, you figure I’m going to go high, so you tap forward on wake up and parry my, let’s say, standing strong (mp). I know this, because this is my example, and quickly cancel into a jab shoryuken. (f,d,f + lp) If you were ready to throw an attack during that, unless it was a super or an ex Variant of an uppercut, my lp shoryuken is going to hit. Unless of course you blocked after the parry, but that’s not very common with a lot of the new players.

So my best advice to you would be learn to block because relying on parries too much will get you grabbed to death.

I don’t have the best camera in the world but I’ll try to record a few staged matches just to show you what I mean, it might even turn into a full blown tutorial if I can tell you’re really interested, because you’re not the first person to ask for help on these forums and quickly lose interest.

Parries come in a variety of forms:
Anti-Air (they/you jump in at you/them and you/they tap forward to parry an oncoming attack)
Air to Air ( you both jump at the same time, and you tap forward to parry an attack in the air.)
High parry (Tap forward on the ground to “deflect” an attack your opponent might attempt.)
Low Parry (Tapping down on the ground if you think your opponent is going to attempt a sweep category attack.)
High Red Parry (Breaking block stun with amazing timing and deflecting a certain strike from a chain of attacks,)
High Low Parry (Same as high but deflecting a sweep category attack instead of a high attack) <- there’s only one real situation I see this one in, but like always I could be wrong. Q’s SA1. The fourth hit is a low, and people usually use this moment to show off.

There’s a huge Ken thread in this forum, it might be best to ask them for a general strategy in regards to Ken, because my Ken usually tends to be a little off the book. They promote a strong defense while I feel a tricky offense gets things done better because it looks cooler.

Though if you have any specific requests I could do my best to help you out. I’ve been training with some of the best lately,(5star, Ed Ma) and I can say my Ken is pretty good I’ve only been playing him for a few months now though. I’ve gotten all the basics down, and I’m fairly conservative in my play style because I don’t approve too much of the whole parry everything aspect this game portrays. ::coughwakeupparryassfaggotjesuspheraicough::

When you parry what you’re doing is essentially guessing what you’re opponent is going to do, and when you take a guess at things and are right, you are rewarded. In this case you get a fairly dead on attack, unless you parry a projectile. (fireball)

Anything else?

If anyone disagrees, please by all means correct, I don’t claim to be anything great, but I do think I have a fairly tight grasp on what is 3rd strike. Though I know I am far from being a pro. Pretty close though. :smiley:

Here’s some great anti-Akuma advice, and I’m being serious now…

Don’t play me and you’ll never lose to Akuma again.

Ok I’m really being serious now…

Learn to punish whiffed hurricanes with jab shoryu and shoryu every demon flip. This stuff shouldn’t be too hard, but American Ken players still don’t do it. This shit will handicap most Akuma’s pretty severely.

And sorry Lenin that wakeup parry is just too high level for you. Step up your game and you can add it to your arsenal. You’re just lucky I can’t parry demon on shitty ass American cabs.

so in order to parry do i tap forward at the point of impact or before they hit or after they hit?? and y tap forward y cant u just move the stick forward? and when u tap forward for the parry does it attack on its own or do u have to throw in an attack manually? and for each time i wanna parry say during akumas roundhouse spinning kicks do u have to tap forward(parry) a certain amount of times or can it only be once in order to follow up into a super or say kens spinning kicks? what about blue parry’s and stuff? so is a high red parry used for akuma’s spinning kicks or just a normal parry? and can u actually parry a fp shoryuken from an opponent?

ex: say u jump into the air and are coming down and as ur coming down u expect the fp shoryuken(f,d,f + fp) and tap forward? do u get hit or does it work?

is the ex variant uppercut the fp shoryuken , if not then wat is this ex variant uppercut…??? :sweat: thanx again

you can’t jab uppercut a meaty ass dragon flip, but I do in fact always shoryu. I’m figuring I’ll just use a fierdce shoryu for the ones I think are meaty.

tapping forward or holding forward might have the same effect but if you tap if it’ll put the controller back into neutral allowing you to apply a motion for a different attack. that or you can just tap forward to attempt a parry and quickly old down back to block incase you guessed wrong.

Blue parries are regular parries. if you want to be able to land an actual combo after or during akuma’s spinning kicks, you’ll have to parry every seperate strike from it. So let’s say you start parrying after two hits, you’ll have to parry the remaining three. Sometimes, if you saw the video above, the third kick will miss completely and you’ll only have to parry twice.

if you jump in and they do the three hit fp shoryuken, then yes tapping forward will parry one of the three hits, but you’ll have to time it and parry the following two if you don’t want to get hit out of the air. So you’ll tap forward, wait a little less than half a sec, tap forward, wait again, tap forward. Then you’ll land and they’ll think twice about doing a shoryu on your next jump in.

The EX uppercut is the shiny yellow one. To do it, all you have to do is put in the motion for a regular uppercut and then push two punches instead of one.

ex: f,d,f + lp+mp/lp+hp/mp+hp/lp+mp+hp.

and pherai sure is talking a lot of shit for someone I beasted with my akuma. I was like grab mother fucker, you can’t parry a grab. Then he was like wake up spinning kick, and I was like, no bitch, I’m blocking, then he was like fuck you then I’m going to block, and I was like I don’t care bitch, cause I’m doing fucking toward strong, OH WAIT I CANCELLED IT INTO A FUCKING RAGING DEMON! OH DEAR GOD ALMIGHTY HE IS SPLIT IN HALF!